40 Year Old Man

10 Things Every 40 Year Old Man Should Know

I’ll be a 40 year old man come in February (2018).

And honestly I feel about 27 years old because of exercise and a well balanced diet. Do I slip up now and then and eat a slice of apple pie or eat a bag of potato chips?

Yes I do…lol

Middle age gets a bum rap. We all know when you get older and older your testosterone and your hangovers sting a bit more. You’re starting to listen to your doctor during your annual check-ups about cutting back on processed foods and sugar.

But what does all of this mean?

Well… Placing your youth in the rearview also means that you have accepted who you are now. You let fewer stuff upset you, and you are possibly in a greater place where you can have a more fun.

And one of the enormous perks of getting older are?

The wisdom you’ve gained from your experiences throughout your life. We all say: “If I could go back to 21 with the mindset I have today, I would be a force to be reckoned with”.

Another great thing for me is that I can handle things a lot better when they go south. I used to be one of those knuckle-heads that would get into fights because of what someone said. As if I needed validation or something…lol

Anywho, I won’t bore you anymore with small talk, let’s get to it…

10 Things Every Man Should Know When Turning 40

1: Choose Confidence Over Arrogance

There truly is a thin line between arrogance and confidence, says the founder of a dating website Jim White. And by turning 40, you must understand the difference between the two and how they affect the people around you.

I have friends (that I don’t see to often) who are very arrogant and extraverted. Yet they struggle with being alone and find themselves in toxic relationships.

Why is that?

From what I can see, it’s just a mask covering up insecurities that dwell deep inside them. See when they were younger (and immature), they could get away with it a lot more because, well… They were young!

But now that we are 40 and older, they find themselves in and out of jail, living here and there, and not having a job. It’s as if they feel like the world owes them something. As I stated earlier, I don’t really associate myself with those that have entitlement issues.

Confidence is another thing altogether…

Confidence is with complete trust in yourself. You validation and approval comes from within. One of the best ways to become more confident is to learn and master new things or even just one thing.

When you learn new things and accomplish goals, you start to feel like you can do anything. You start walking different and you have a sense of peace that others notice.

2: Family is Important

One of the most important things in life is family. Things here on out can change without a single warning. I have aunties and uncles that I haven’t seen in decades because everyone travels and are in different states.

It can be easy for me to think of them as the same person as they were when I was a kid.

But they’re not…

My family has a long history of high blood pressure and all kinds of things. You never know who’s getting diagnosed with what from week to week.

I remember my mother being this “vibrant” women when I was young. But now that she’s almost 60 years old, she’s like a shell of herself due to multiple illnesses.

And these all changes can knock us off of our feet and it is a normal family who catches us at this time of our lives.

Millennials & even those in their thirties may still find themselves searching approval from new buddies or trying to regularly expand their team of acquaintances.

But once you have hit the 40 mark, you have pretty much figured out the people you can truly rely on and for the most part it’s your family.

I remember moving back to Nebraska (after living in Florida for 10 years) and cooking for my mother for the first time in years. I stood there as she was eating and I couldn’t believe how bad things have gotten since I was gone.

When I would call here, she would always tell me everything’s okay despite the fact that it wasn’t. As I observed her silently eating, I knew that I would not leave her hanging ever again without anyone to help her.

Even though I have several successful websites and I love to travel… My mother needs me…

3: Know What You Want In a Partner

As a man begin to age, we turn out to be more established both in the form of material prosperity and with a level of authority and influence.

These things have a huge impact if you’re a single man turning 40 like myself. Especially when it comes to your age preference in women. Society says the men get more attractive to women as we age and I think it’s because we are in full “masculine mode” at this age.

And with life experience and much more confidence and charm than we had in any other part of our past, this makes us amazingly attractive to ladies and successful in any relationship. If you’re a successful business man or entrepreneur, you will have plenty of options to choose from when dating.

The key is to know what you are willing to put up with and what you’re not going to put up with in a relationship and also know that she wants you for “you”. Not what you can do for her…

4: Anxiousness is Okay

When a man is turning 40, he has been through his fair share nerve-wracking moments like big dates, interviews and some major life changes.

And more frequently than not, things turned out completely perfect. Even when things aren’t going so well. That hot date never called you back as past? Who cares, look at who you are with now.

We as men must understand at this age that success in any venture stands on the other side of being uncomfortable. Plus our past shows us that we can overcome any obstacle because that’s how we grow as men.

So if you’re at a point in your life where you have a big decision to make. Just follow your intuition and trust yourself.

5: Delegation Can Make Life Easier

A guy also knows that time is more important than anything else. And when it comes down to business, being able to appoint somebody to tackle a menial job you’d rather not do is a must.

Whether that is mundane research or doing some home cleaning, we must get to a point where we only focus on the things we like to do and outsource the rest.

The best part about hiring others to do the task you don’t want do is that you’re creating jobs thus helping others make a living doing what they love.

As you know, I have other websites as well, but I do not write on them. I have a team of writers who are “super passionate” about writing. Far more than I am.

So by me hiring them to write for me,it allows them to work from home and earn a living doing what they love.

Just a side note: Imperial Mindset is a passion website of mine, a place where I can express whatever is on my mind. So I don’t mind writing here…

6: Focus Your Attention On “Purpose”

At this age, we have children in high school, women in our life who need attention, and all of the other things that can suck our energy right down the toilet.

But you cannot be there for anyone without taking care of yourself and your purpose in life.

You do know what your purpose is right?

Our purpose in life is to teach, help, and inspire one another by doing what we are designed to do.

What is you mission in life? Why are you here?

I get it… We must spend time with our families but most of your attention should be focused on how you can be of service to society using your gifts, skills, and talents.

Are you spending hours watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead when you should be writing a chapter in that book which is going to change the lives of whoever reads?

Remember, whatever you “can” do, you “must” do. So stay focused and get it done because people are waiting for your inspiration.

7: Silence is Golden

Do you have a friend who’s a know-it-all?

That guy nobody wants to be around because he has a story for every single topic known to man?

There are times when all of your wisdom is useful, but times when it’s annoying can cause people not to take you seriously.

Some of the best conversations I’ve had with people were just me “listening”. People want to vent and have someone who’s willing to hear them out without being critical all the time.

Whether it is chatting with your spouse about her irritations (with you… or at work) or getting a boring lecture from your boss. A wise man knows it’s ideal to sometimes only nod and keep listening.

Don’t offer advice or get defensive, just hear them out and put yourself in their shoes. You might learn something about yourself.

8: Sleep is Vital

Without energy, we tend to make bad decisions. We tend to eat poorly and get irritated by the things would normally ignore.

When I was young, I used to drink and party til 2 am. Then wake up ready to do it all over again.

When I hit 30, I noticed that hangovers would last days instead of hours and not getting enough sleep makes it worse.

Not only is sleep vital for the energy you need to perform at your best the next day. But it’s also important for repairing your body from workouts.

Sleep is how we heal the body so make sure you’re finding time to sleep even if you have to take a midday nap.

9: Having an Emergency Stash

Because of life’s unpredictability, we is also learn that, no matter how happy we are with our new job or career, there can be a layoff or something where we may have to be out of work for some time.

When I first quit my job to run my weight loss and fitness website, I thought I was in the clear and it would be smooth sailing here on out.

Boy was I wrong…

Around Christmas time the traffic to my website was a little less than normal but when New Years hit… Bam! I got a serge of visitors which ended up crashing the server.

Not only was my website shut down for a week, it was my only income. I would eventually get it back up and running. It took three months to get it back like it was because of technical issues and having to switch hosting providers over and over again.

If it wasn’t for money that I had saved, I wouldn’t of had a business and would not be writing this article…lol

10: You Win or You Learn

People always say… “Things happen for a reason”, but they never say what that reason is.

My take on it is… Everything we go through in life is not only necessary for us to grow, but to help others overcome similar situations.

Whatever your goals are in life, you must keep failing until you succeed. The more you fail, the more you learn.

So no matter how good or bad the situation is, it’s the best thing for you at that time of your life.

“Keep Learning, Be Fearless, and Keep Evolving as a man”

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