INTJ Mastermind: Relationships | Love & Leadership


What Is an INTJ Mastermind Are you an INTJ Mastermind? Well I am… And no matter how many times I take the Myers Briggs test (or any test for that matter), it always comes out the same. An INTJ is one of the rare personality types out of the 16 (The Mastermind) and, supposedly, the […]

How To Stop Self Destructive Behavior | You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Self Destructive Behavior

How To Stop Self Destructive Behavior How To Stop self destructive behavior and live a more positive, meaningful, and fulfilling life. Have you wished for something badly, for so long, trying harder to get it, but failing badly? Have you ever set big goals and milestones that you did not reach? Or have you ever […]

Emotionally Unavailable Signs: Should You Move On?

Emotionally Unavailable Signs

9 Emotionally Unavailable Signs Does your partner emotionally unavailable signs? Imagine, you go out on a drive with your partner for 30 minutes and come back without a single word being exchanged among you two. It would be so boring and disappointing that you swear you’ll never go out with him again. If this is […]

Overcoming Laziness And Procrastination

overcoming laziness

Overcoming Laziness And Procrastination Overcoming laziness and procrastination are two of the most difficult habits to break. Almost each and every person has some form of laziness and procrastination when it comes to certain things. Procrastination is nothing but an act of delaying or putting off the tasks to a later time. Several people often […]

How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking

How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking   Even before we get into how to overcome the fear of public speaking, it is vital that we talk about fear itself. Considering the root of an issue helps us get a solution much simpler. Did you know that you were born only with a single fear? […]

Sophophile: The Curse of a Lifelong Learner


So I’m a Sophophile So I’m a sophophile, a lover of wisdom… Some even say they I get sexual gratification from learning, which is better know as “sophophilia”. Now the idea of being sexually stimulated from knowledge is quit interesting considering I practice sex transmutation where I transmute sexual energy into productive energy. Okay, I […]

Sapiophile: Meaning | Personality And Pronunciation


What is a Sapiophile?   I was on Tinder a while back and I noticed in a woman’s profile that she had the word sapiophile… I was wondering what the word sapiophile meant but I brush it off and swiped. The more I swiped the more I started noticing that a lot of women was […]

How To Be Happy Alone Without Friends

how to be happy alone

How to be Happy Alone Without Friends It is hard to deny the fact that everyone needs at least one friend in their life. We need friends to get support, to talk to, and to have good and worse times together. You can be friends with anyone… You are human right? We are socialized and […]

Sex Transmutation Techniques: How To Transmute Sexual Energy

Sex Transmutation

Is sex transmutation the “Real Secret”? The first time I came across the technique of channeling sexual energy to productive energy was when I was married (many years ago). My wife came home with a book one of her coworkers said would change her life… This book was called “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon […]

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