Easiest Way to Tell if Someone is Lying

Easiest Way to Tell if Someone is Lying

Easiest Way to Tell if Someone is Lying

Easiest way to tell if someone is lying.

Almost all human beings have the ability to lie. There have been many studies that suggest a person can tell a lie or two within a day. The art of deception has been studied for many years that an average person can already detect if lying is being displayed.

Every person has its own unique behavior. To tell if someone is lying is easy if you already have a baseline of how someone acts when they are saying the truth. Many experts have proved that body language is one of the main techniques on how to determine the truthfulness of a person.

For example, a simple question such as “where are you from” can be asked and the truthfulness of how they would respond to this can be determined through body movements and facial expressions such as the sound of their voices or the direction of their eyes.

Once a baseline is being established, it is easier to look for the change in behavior in several categories such as tone of voice, body movements, facial expression and content of speech.

If you want to know when a person is lying or not, let us take a closer on the following things that can help us detect truthfulness or dishonesty:

  1. Body movements

One of the things that can be spotted with a liar is their hand gesture after they speak. There is a study that proves that people who lie are more likely to use both of their hands than those who speak the truth. When people are lying, they also are likely to face their palms away from the person they are conversing with.

It is an unconscious signal which signifies that they are holding back information or emotions. Most of them put their hands on their pocket or slide their hands under the table.

In addition, people who lie rock their body back and forth, displaying a very uncomfortable state such as cooking their head or shuffling their feet. People who are nervous can prompt a person to feel itches or tingles within their body which is an obvious signal of someone not being comfortable with something.

Lastly, psychologists also suggest that people who display grooming behaviors are being dishonest such as playing with hair.

  1. Facial Expressions

Another way to easily spot a liar is through their facial cues. The movement of the eyes cannot lie as others say. When a person is lying, they tend to look away on a crucial circumstance. When eyes are being moved around, there is a great chance that someone is trying to think on what to say or trying to make up stories in their heads.

Most psychologists also believed that people look away briefly when they are lying. However, there are also researchers who oppose this finding. Some have debunked the idea of dishonesty when looking away.

Secondly, the mouth is also part of facial expressions that can determine dishonesty between people. People roll their lips back as they eventually disappear is a sign that some could be lying. It’s has been said that people who do this means they are holding back something.

Pursuing lips could also mean that a person is not interested in engaging conversation with another. It is believed to be a reflex which means they do not want to speak.

Another sign that someone is lying is when his or her skin complexion is changing. When a person becomes as white as a ghost, there is untruthfulness that can be detected.

Dryness or excessive sweating can also be a sign of dishonesty. When a person is lying, the nervous system triggers a person to excrete sweat particularly in the T-area of the face such as the chin, upper lip, forehead, and around the mouth. When the mouth is drying or the eyes excessively blink, or difficulty in swallowing, a person could also lying.

  1. Voice

When a person is nervous, the vocal cords tighten up and a high pitched tone is being created. A person clearing his throat can also be an obvious sign of discomfort which can come from dishonesty.

A sudden change in the volume of a person’s voice can also be a sign of lying. For example, a person who is defensive about something may tend to raise his or her voice because of justifying during a conversation.

  1. Speech content

People can deceive you in terms of what words come out of their mouth. For example, people who start a conversation with phrases such as “honestly” or I really want to be honest with you”, is obviously trying too hard to convince you that they are telling the truth.

People who stutter and who use these vocal fills such as “um”, “uh”, and “like” are more likely to tell a lie. Research suggests that people who use these techniques tend to buy more time thinking of sometime of figuring out what to say next.

People are not naturally born as liars. Some people tend to slip out the truth and easily take them back by adding an additional phrase that could save them from embarrassment. For example, a person may say that he was fired and then takes it back and quickly say he resigned just to conceal the truth.

Some people may unintentionally slip out the truth while taking and the moment he or she takes their words back is an obvious sign that the person is lying.


Lying is an inevitable kind of act. There are people who lie whether it is intentional or not. People must be careful when dealing with other people as deception can be in any form. Fortunately, researchers and psychologists have provided us with many studies that can help us spot liars.

The things mentioned above are backed up with scientific studies and experience that have proved the truthfulness among them. In order to identify easily if a person is lying, you must be able to carefully observe things such as facial expression, the tone of voice, complexion, and body movements.

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