Emotionally Unavailable Signs

9 Emotionally Unavailable Signs

Does your partner emotionally unavailable signs?

Imagine, you go out on a drive with your partner for 30 minutes and come back without a single word being exchanged among you two.

It would be so boring and disappointing that you swear you’ll never go out with him again. If this is how you often feel with your life partner, then he/she can be an EU (Emotionally Unavailable).

In the easiest terms, EU people are your typical individuals who’re not capable in divulging their deepest emotions to everybody.

They’re rarely interested in issues of love or sharing their emotions with somebody. They might demand attention but will continue to be unwilling or incapable of making an emotional bond with another person.

It is indeed hard to identify emotionally unavailable signs. What makes it difficult is that outwardly he might seem caring and affectionate but turns cold when he’s forced to share feelings at a deeper level.

If you suspect your partner is emotionally unavailable, but you are not sure, these signs will clear it up for you.

Type of Unavailability:

There’re 2 kinds of unavailability, chronic and temporary.

Temporary EU occurs when a person is not capable to open up due to a reason that holds him back. For example, people who’re extremely ambitious and wish to achieve a certain position of rank.

They might not be willing to commit until they accomplish their dreams. That can lead to the both of you being emotionally scarred following a bad relationship or a divorce.

Committing to someone or a relationship becomes very hard for them because their attention and focus is elsewhere. This makes it hard to gauge if the issue is just a chronic one or short term.

9 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable

If you’ve felt that something is missing in your connection, then it can possibly be that your partner mentally “somewhere else”.

Prefers to Go Solo:

If your partner never includes you in any of his vacations or other leisure things, it is possible that your partner is emotionally unavailable.

Such people always look to keep their distance and do not want to be “bothered” with their partner.

Doing external activities by themselves keeps them away from any complicated issues in the relationship. It also prevents them from experiencing and uncomfortable confrontation.

Says One Thing But Does Something Else:

When your partner says something and does something else, it creates a sense of insecurity and mistrust in your mind.

He might make huge plans for you and promise to deliver, getting your hopes ups for an exciting time. But when it arrives, he comes up short or make a wild excuse.

In fact, do not be amazed if your partner goes missing during your these times because they will do anything to avoid that “look” on your face…lol…

Shows No Emotion:

They may hide their emotions but give off a negative vibration.

However, if your mate conceals his feelings completely or doesn’t occasionally shower you with affection and love, it often means that your partner may not connect with you on an emotional level.

Lacks Responsibility:

Not only does your partner does nothing to keep your relationship fresh, but also avoids taking on any responsibility.

He pushes you to the limit and then blames you for each conflict that rises. He completely ignores his role in the relationship and reminds you how you failed him in the past.

A partner who negates responsibility is somebody to be steered clear of at every cost.

Does Not Contribute To The Relationship:

A partner who’s not emotionally invested in a connection will do nothing to keep it. He never initiates conversations and forever talks about himself and shows no attention in understanding about your life.

Your partner tends to forget events or dates vital to you. He adamantly refuses to contribute towards creating a healthy relationship with you.

Does Not Reciprocate:

Be it love, appreciation or care, you want to show your partner that you desire to make them happy.

But in a relationship, if you’re the only person providing compassion and understanding all of the time while your partner never reciprocates, then eventually you will start to become insecure about yourself.

Love is a two way system, it cannot be just a one-sided trade. If this is the case, you have to be more than just aware of how emotionally detached your partner actually is and start thinking about moving on.

Compulsive Liar:

A partner would openly lie in multiple situations to avoid any confrontation and to protect the relationship is selfish. If your partner look you in the eyes while lying to you, it means that your partner barely respects you and will constantly lie to keep away from your probing.

He might pretend to love you, but when you are not available, he’ll only be seeking new company. He’ll lie only to keep a lid on his secrets.

Vague and Inconsistent:

WHen you first meet, the connection will be hot, with him providing you with a lot of attention and being interested in your life. But a few months later in completely fizzles out.

He might then start showing attention in just the physical aspect of your connection and might withdraw from any other type of emotional involvement.

Or he might do the exact opposite, he might speak of remarkable love and affection but might not get physically intimate with you. That partner is not great for a long lasting relationship.

He can only provide you insecurity, stress and no feeling of attachment whatsoever.

Hides Behind His Walls:

Few males suffer from low confidence and are not ok with showing their real selves. They hide behind a wall to cover up insecurities so you wont feel less of them.

For a lady, it is exasperating to try to break a man’s wall to see the real person behind it. However, you have to know that in this case, it is not this relationship that’s creating the wall. It’s a past relationship…

A man might feel vulnerable and fear that if you recognize his weaknesses, you might not like him at all. Hence he’ll never wish to share his darkest, deepest top-secrets with you.

So if you notice any of these emotionally unavailable signs, you may want to have a deep conversation… “with yourslef”

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