How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking

How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking


Even before we get into how to overcome the fear of public speaking, it is vital that we talk about fear itself. Considering the root of an issue helps us get a solution much simpler.

Did you know that you were born only with a single fear?

Yes, only one, and it is the fear of falling. Babies arrive from their mothers’ wombs with that single fear, but as you can see, the fear is a natural self-protection mechanism.

What does this mean for you and me?

That other fears are acquired fears. Something occurred in our lives, and the manner our brains interpreted the occasion left a fear in us.

When it comes down to public speaking, it could be something that stems from the first time you spoke loud as a kid and the response was negative. Or it could be that for a few reasons, you created a fear of an audience.

Professionals suggest that you take the time to map out your issue from as far back as you can remember. You’ll normally be able to find out where it stems from and this is enough to help you understand and overcome public speaking, and there are also other options, like mental health such as the Emerge Professionals which specialize in this area.

Speaking in public can be difficult, so don’t think you’re weak if you have a fear of speaking to an audience.

If you wish to know just how it difficult it can be, you should understand that for an extremely brilliant speech that a President makes, there’s a group that has taken a much time to prepare it, and even as he’s talking, he has cue cards on a monitor guiding him what to do.

But since you do not have these resources available to you, what you can do about overcoming the fear of speaking in public or audience?

Remember parts that you can take, and you’ll find that in time, you’ll get much improving and eventually, you’ll no longer be afraid.

How to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Reframe the questions you ask yourself:

When you worry before a top stake presentation, you might have an inclination to ask yourself some negative questions, such as, what if I mess up?

Or what will occur when I forget my content? This kind of self talk is like throwing petrol in an area on fire. This alone can play a major role in heightening your fear.

Replace these with positive questions. Ask yourself some good questions. Give this a try and it’ll calm the noise in your head.

Generate a backup slide for some answers:

A reason everyone often experiences fear before a presentation is the fear that they will be asked difficult questions to answer.

Do not get caught off guard. Consider carefully of what potential questions that may come up about complex problems.

You can add in your slides vital info, numbers, stats or even relevant graph or a pie chart that would be useful to the public.

And if the questions take place, it is quite fine to say, I anticipated that you may be asking this question.

Always plan ahead:

If you know you are going to be giving a speech in public, do not wait until the night before to begin preparing it. Begin early enough for your brain to familiarize itself with the content.

The more well known with the content, the less likely you’ll forget what you needed to say and that means that you’ll successfully go through your speech.

Stop taking yourself so seriously:

That is normally a huge part of the issue, remember, you’ve just been asked to compose a speech, not change the planet. It is going to last a few minutes, you are going to pass a note and you are done.

Taking these much seriously mean that you’re getting tense in both mind and body, preparing yourself for the most terrible things that can happen.

How to Keep Your Voice From Shaking When Nervous

Take some deep breaths:

This cannot be emphasized enough. When you are worried, you breathe shallowly and quickly. This is telegraphing to the public that you are not self-assured.

Calm and measured breathing is a sign that you are in control. Before you go to the front of the public, concentrate on taking some deep breaths. Do this few times.

When you start, remember to pause and breathe after you make a point because someone said it powerfully, fear is joy without the breath.

Do a mental projection:

This is a remarkable method of overcoming the fear of public speaking. What you need to do is sit calmly and imagine yourself giving the speech to the audience.

You’re preparing your mind more and more to face the public. Ensure that when you imagine, you imagine your public too, they’re sitting in front of you and appreciating and listening to what you are saying.

Practice as if you’re the worst:

When you know your content is great, there is a chance to get sloppy when performing a public speech. You may flip through the slides, spiritually thinking about what you’re going to say, without actually rehearsing out loud what you’re trying to say.

This outcome in a presentation that is not as sharp as it could be may cause you to worry once you have a hundred pairs of eyes staring at you. You may also forget a few vital points and major sound bites.

Come to terms with public expressions:

Your fear level is boosted when you misinterpret the public’s facial expression. In common discussions, we are accustomed to getting feedback from our listeners, a smile or a nod here and there which signals approval.

But when we give a speech in public, they listen differently. They are more likely to provide the speaker a blank space that does not mean they don’t like what they hear, more often than not, it easily means they are concentrating on the speech.

This is particularly true of the public who’s introverted.

Overcoming fear of speaking in public is a completely psychological matter. You just need to tell your brain that you can do it.

When you are require to do it, go forward and give it your best shot. Remember that lots of people have overcome it, you can do it as well.

Thanks for reading how to overcome the fear of public speaking.

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