Female Midlife Crisis Stages and Symptoms

Female Midlife Crisis Stages

Female Midlife Crisis Stages and Symptoms

Female midlife crisis stages and symptoms

A midlife crisis is a situation that one experiences during his middle age (anywhere between 40 and 65).  When an individual experiences a midlife crisis, she starts questioning her existence and her values.

She goes through different emotions and wants to get back to her youth again – both physically and mentally. In this article, we will give you some insights into the female midlife crisis, its symptoms, various intensities of this crisis and ways to overcome them.

What is a Midlife Crisis for a Woman?

A female midlife crisis is when a woman goes through a lot of psychological changes that impact her physical, mental and emotional balance. During her early 40s, when her woman starts evaluating her life, she may realize the following factors, which can be some major triggers for a midlife crisis to set in her life:

  • Her friends or relatives of her age are more successful and richer than her.
  • She doesn’t feel she is beautiful enough; therefore, she feels uncared for.
  • She longs to get back the vibrancy of her youthful skin so that people start noticing her.
  • She gets depressed easily because she feels she hasn’t achieved anything worthwhile in her life.
  • She gets paranoid thinking about her death when she loses her parents or partner.
  • She gets into panic mode when her personal or professional relationships are not going the way she wants.
  • She has the urge to invest in unwanted luxuries such as a house or property to get even with her successful peers.
  • She starts feeling lonely in her early 40s, especially when she doesn’t have a child or when her child has migrated to a different city for higher studies.
  • She experiences discontentment in her marital life and loses her temper over the most trivial matters.

These are only some of the common ways in which you can tell that the lady in your house is experiencing a midlife crisis in her life. However, this is a situation or condition that varies from individual to individual.

Financial independence, economic status, intimacy in sex life, and many other factors can play a big role in women in this age group. More often than not, when a woman is satisfied on all these counts, she passes through her midlife smoothly without facing any crisis.

Every woman has different roles to fulfill in her life – daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, etc. Most of the women juggle all these roles at the same time, in addition to having a career as well. The conflicts or stress that they face in each of these roles can contribute to a midlife crisis when they reach their 40s.

It may be quite surprising to note that most of the women experience various challenges during their midlife, without realizing their condition at all. This can be dangerous because when not detected in the early stages, a midlife crisis can lead to depression.

This is also the stage when menopause sets in for women. Therefore, the symptoms of a midlife crisis are easily dismissed as menopause symptoms in most of the households.

How do you know if a woman is experiencing a midlife crisis and if she needs help or not? Read on to know more about the same.

How Long Does a Midlife Crisis Last for a Woman

While the duration of midlife crisis purely depends on a woman’s lifestyle and her present condition, it does last for about 2 to 5 years in her. This is why it is prudent to identify the symptoms right during the onset of a midlife crisis in a woman so that she can be treated quickly.

In short, when a woman doesn’t feel good about the quality of her current life, she tends to experience a midlife crisis longer than a woman who is happy and content.

This a very subjective question; hence, we cannot put a finger and state exactly how long women should expect to go through a midlife crisis. The key is to watch out for the symptoms and get them corrected as quickly as possible.

Midlife Crisis Symptoms

If you are in your early 40s are facing an overall disinterest, lack of motivation and anger issues in your daily lives, you might be going through a midlife crisis. In the following section, we have listed down almost all the symptoms that you could experience when going through a midlife crisis.

Even if you experience one or a few of these symptoms, we recommend you not to take it lightly and get expert help without any delay.

Knowing the symptoms and being alert to identify them when you experience them are important factors that will help you get through your midlife crisis, without any hassles. In short, early detection of the symptoms and treating them on time can bring the spark back into your lives.

1. Making a Mountain out of a Mole in Terms of Health

Women in their midlife mostly tend to worry a lot about their health. If you are one of them, you should know that it is an early sign of a midlife crisis. Do you worry unnecessarily even when you are down with a migraine or fever? Do you get into panic mode and imagine you dying of a small sickness? If yes, you are letting the crisis into your lives.

2. Asking yourself too Many Unnecessary and Complicated Questions

Do you find yourself questioning your existence quite frequently?

Some examples of these questions are – What have I achieved so far?, What value am I adding to my life and the lives of my near and dear ones?, Why did I let my passion die?, Why am I not behaving like myself anymore?, etc.

Women who experience midlife crisis keep on asking a lot of emotional and psychological questions to themselves, at different times of the day.

3. Comparing yourself with Others Incessantly

What starts as self-doubting in the initial stages turns into an obsession in the later days, in this stage. Gone are the days when you only thought of yourself and why you weren’t good enough. In this symptom, you will tend to compare yourself with almost every other woman around you (regardless of their age and position).

Why am I not as successful, as tall, as youthful-looking or as sexy as her? This is the constant thought in your mind and you will start developing an inferiority complex because of this negativity in your mind.

4. You Try Different Methods to Get Back the Spice in your Life

This is one of the best symptoms to have, because it makes you healthy – physically and mentally. When you experience this symptom, you become very conscious of your overall health. You will want to lose weight naturally and you will start eating healthy foods to aid in a quick weight loss.

You will look forward to becoming fit and youthful again in addition to planning for a world tour as well. You will want to get back to your friends and have a lovely time with them, just like the golden days of your youth.

We don’t mind praying that every woman in her 40s experiences this symptom, because it will give her a chance to live her life again, in full glory and happiness.

5. You Yearn for Male Attention

This is one of the most common symptoms of a midlife crisis in a woman. In this, you may dress up nicely in order to attract attention from other males other than your spouse. This could be because you are not feeling loved in your marriage or because of issues in your sex life.

You love to be pampered and protected. Therefore, you may surprise yourself when you behave very strangely at a public place, just to feel cared for by another male. You wouldn’t want the other man to know how successful or intelligent you are; instead, you will be interested in exposing your vulnerability to him.

6. You Make Some Sudden and Serious Decisions that are Uncalled for

One of the serious symptoms of midlife crisis in a woman is when she makes rash decisions that she regrets later. It is this stage when a woman feels uncared for. Therefore, even a slight quarrel with her spouse can urge her to break her relationship totally. Sometimes, a stressful situation at work can compel her to quit her job with immediate effect.

Some other rash and serious decisions that a woman experiencing this crisis can take are – hurting herself, trying to take her life, physically abusing her child or someone younger to her, having an affair with another man to prove a point to her spouse, etc.

These symptoms are quite dangerous and are mostly visible only in the advanced stage of midlife crisis in a woman, especially if the crisis is not detected and treated in the early stages.

7. Feeling Irritable Most of the Times

When you experience a midlife crisis in your life, you feel irritable most of the times. You lose your temper at the drop of a hat and you become too difficult to put up with. Your husband and your kids may feel suffocated around you, which may make you feel worse.

However, psychological experts do indicate that irritability and frequent temper outbursts could be indications of menopause or perimenopause as well. When you notice sudden mood shifts that don’t allow you to carry on with your routine life the way you would want to, you have to visit your physician immediately.

8. Your Vision is Clouded with Negativity and Uncertainty for the Future

One of the most definitive symptoms of midlife crisis among women is negativity. In their 20s and 30s, women are full of life and have great aspirations for themselves and their family.

However, when they reach their early 40s, they will realize that they haven’t done anything to reach close to their aims. Therefore, they will start developing negative thoughts about their future.

Whenever you think about your future do you feel scared? Do you imagine your death or losing a loved one? Do you find your mind clogged with negative thoughts very often? If yes, you are not alone.

Thousands of other women in their 40s, across the globe, sail in the same ship as yours. Timely counseling and therapy should help you to get rid of this problem by a large extent.

9. Lack of Motivation to Carry on with your Daily Life

Do you hate the idea of waking up to witness another day in your life? Do you have difficulties in carrying out even simple activities such as eating, sleeping and bathing?

If yes, you are bored with your life and don’t find any silver lining that could motivate you. You feel an enormous sense of loss in your heart, but you don’t know what exactly you have lost.

In short, when the usual and routine activities in life begin to overwhelm you, it is high time you should take things under your control. You have to look for new avenues to keep yourself motivated and divert your mind from the negative energy that you are currently living in.

Learning a new language, picking up a hobby, teaching kids, etc. are great activities that would keep you occupied.

10. Paying too much Attention on your Looks

Do you get into panic mode when you notice a small wrinkle or pimple on your face? Do you get upset when you put on a lot of weight? Do you find yourself visiting the cosmetologist too often for cosmetic and surgical procedures that help you look young?

If you are too paranoid about your skin revealing your real age, you are definitely going through a midlife crisis. When you notice aging symptoms, you develop the fear of losing your beauty, and thereby losing the people who love you as well.

A midlife crisis can be quite strange at times. Some women show symptoms where they are totally unperturbed by their appearance and find no motivation to be well-groomed. On the other hand, some women become paranoid and obsessed about their grooming habits.

These are some of the symptoms that you could commonly find among women experiencing a midlife crisis in their lives. The symptoms and their intensities can vary from person to person, but the truth remains that getting expert help immediately is of paramount importance.

Professional or expert help will help women come out their negativity (main culprit of midlife crisis) as quickly as possible, so that they can get back the excitement in their lives.

Female Midlife Crisis Stages

As a woman, it is very important for you to understand the different stages of midlife crisis. This is because, it will help you understand exactly which category you belong to, if you ever face one of the symptoms mentioned above. Knowing the stage your crisis will help you in getting the right type of treatment at the right time.

The various stages of a female midlife crisis are denial, anger, replay, depression withdrawal and acceptance. We have explained each of these stages in detail here for your better understanding:


As the name suggests, this is the stage where women are in denial that their body is aging. They tend to conceal the aging symptoms such as grey hair, wrinkles, etc. They know the fact that they have reached the midlife stage, but they don’t want to accept it to themselves and others as well.

This is the stage when they try to go to the gym to reduce weight, visit the cosmetologist to get surgical treatments to get back their youthful looks, experiment with botox, etc.


This is the stage when women know that they cannot do anything to get back the spark in their lives. They feel extremely angry thinking about the years they lost and the aging symptoms that they start to develop, but can do nothing about.

During this stage, many women want to run away from their current situation. They are game to any solution that promises them escape from their problems. They lose their temper unnecessarily at family members.


This is quite a dangerous stage, because it is where women would want to relive their past. In short, they want to recreate their past and have a lot of fun and adventure, which they wouldn’t normally do in a perfect scenario.

Leaving a comfortable job all of a sudden, having an affair with a younger person, traveling alone to faraway places, acting silly, imitating teenagers, etc. are some things that women could attempt when their midlife crisis is at the replay stage.


This is the stage when women feel like a failure because they don’t find any result from their actions carried out in the first 3 stages. They lose their self-worth and lack the motivation to do even the simplest things in their life such as sleeping, eating and waking up.


This is the stage when women do a self-evaluation of their lives and take stock of the damage that they have caused to others and themselves. When the damage is irreparable, they withdraw from their loved ones permanently. It is during this stage that many women seek temporary or permanent separation from their partners.

Some women think and act differently during this stage, though. They assess the damage caused and they are sorry for the same. They make an attempt to rebuild broken relationships from scratch.


This is the last stage, in which women accept their life’s reality and move on with whatever is the optimum solution for their situation. They know that they cannot go back to their previous stages, and they also know that they cannot do anything to undo the damage that they have already caused.

The healing process during this stage is slow, but women do experience a lot of comfort in moving on with the best possible solution that is in front of them.

How to Deal with Midlife Crisis

Now, you know the symptoms of a midlife crisis, and with the help of the above information you can get an idea about the stage of your crisis as well. So what is the road ahead and how are you going to deal with it? Here are a few ways that can help you get over your midlife crisis in the best possible way.

Accepting the Crisis and Being Open to Treat it

The first and foremost way to deal with your midlife crisis is to accept what you are going through and be open to getting professional help. This help could be in the form of counseling, therapy, medicines, having an open talk with your loved ones and the like. We highly recommend finding God as the ultimate solution through Streams of Wholeness coaching.

Midlife Crisis is not that Bad After all

If you have been diagnosed with one of the above symptoms, you don’t have to panic at all. Midlife crisis is one of the most common problems among women in the age group between 40 and 65. It is easily curable when you detect it early.

Aim for Holistic Wellness

Indulge in a mild physical activity such as walking for at least one hour every day. Apart from this, you should also indulge in around 30 minutes of mental conditioning exercises such as yoga or meditation.

This will help you keep your emotions at bay and your positivity intact. When you have a healthy mind, you are less prone to symptoms such as boredom and irritability.

Keep your Mind Fresh and Stay Active

It is important to keep your mind alert to get rid of the lack of motivation that you experience during your midlife crisis.

Learning a new language, enrolling yourself in a new course, spending more and more time with your family, visiting places filled with natural extravaganza, establishing a healthy eating and sleeping routine, etc. are some options you could consider to keep your mind on alert mode always.


Midlife crisis is an inevitable condition for most of the women. All you can do is maintain a positive outlook and keep looking forward to good days in your life with a lot of hope.

After all, hope and belief are two factors that keep us going through our tough times. Keeping yourself occupied, reading a lot of inspirational stories and maintaining excellent physical and mental health are key factors to ensure that you cruise through your midlife crisis smoothly.

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