Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: The Easy Way

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your comfort zone can be the hardest thing to do because as humans, we are conditioned for safety.

People see challenges every day and they are like “No, thanks. I’m good “…

Let’s admit it… Getting out of your comfort zone is a daunting thing to do but it’s necessary for you to take your life to the next level.

You may have not known about this, but improving your self quality by getting out of your comfort zone can be fun. Comfort zone, regardless the denotation, is the key to stagnant life.

Well, if you are okay with your boring and dull life, “comfort” is your answer. But remember this… Success is the result of stepping out of your comfort zone.

You’ll never be confident in moving ahead because you never try anything new.

If you want to have a better life, there is no other way than challenging your comfort. Here are some tips you can try to help you get out of your comfort zone.

Step Outside the box


Get out and do something!

You need to get out and leave the “safety” of your home. If you usually stay in on the weekends watching your favorite NFL games, why not go out with your closest friends?

Go to the nearest sports bar for a few hours or until the NFL games end. This will give you a chance to meet new people and network.

Go eating out with your closest friend, even if it is just a Monday…

Call your neighbor and go for a cup of coffee while talking about the environment and weather. Or if you are not much of a “talker”, just consider hanging out with some friends, hearing their stories, and just chilling out.

Rearrange Your Living Room


Assuming that you are watching TV in your living room, try rearranging the furniture. Switch the couch with the loveseat or even try to sitting in a new place.

If you are used to sitting on specific chair or sofa, you can then try another chair. If your wall is blank, consider purchasing wall decor to fill in the blank.

This will give you a different look at work or at home. And in no time, there will be a bunch of great ideas coming through your mind and you can start trying all sorts of things.

If there is still plenty space in your room, consider purchasing new furniture to enhance your living room.

Get Rid of It


If you find unused goods in your house, give them to your friend or charity, or just simple throw them out. Check your cabinet, drawer, and also your wardrobe.

Look for items that you have not used for a long time. Moreover, look for things that have not been used. See what’s in there. If these unused goods are not beneficial for you, just give them away or throw them away…lol

Unplug From Cyberspace


In the modern world today, it is not surprising that everyone is attached to the internet. Well, to get out of your comfort zone, you need to cut your internet connection (at least sometimes).

Of course I’m not talking about forever but Spending a day or two in nature without internet connection can be beneficial to your health..

Whether it is Saturday or Sunday, it does not matter. What matters is that this gives you time to sit back and relax. Think about a masterplan for your business or something like that.

Plus, it also great to remind yourself that you are a social creature. Contact your friends and have a nice day off without checking your phone every five minutes.

It will make you happier and fresher when you work again after a good “recharge”.

Get Away From The Crowd When Working


Some individuals are more comfortable working with a lot of people. We are going to change that…

No one can concentrate 100% in crowded places like street, food festivals, etc. Even folks in the office are distracted with their gadget’s ringtone, best song playlists, magazines, and the list goes on.

The way to get out of your comfort zone is to work in silence and steadiness.

This is the key to bringing yourself out from the “crowd” zone and focusing on your craft. Make sure that you’re not playing songs on your device…lol This is your “deep work” time.

Close the door of your office, turn off the music, go offline and focus on your mission. That way you can make sure you do things that matter and not waste time on things that don’t.

Look Them In the Eyes


One of the keys to getting out of your comfort zone is by interacting with other people.

First things first, you can make meaningful eye contact with other people. Some folks are not used to looking others in the eyes. This will build more confidence and social status..

Okay, it does sound simple and easy but believe it, it will not work unless you try it. One thing for sure, you will feel more confident if you practice this with whoever you come into contact with.

Keep Smiling


No matter how bad is your day, smiling towards everyone will give you tons of perks. Not only does it lift your spirits up but it also rubs off on everyone else.

You can smile towards your best friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers. You can also keep smiling to yourself when you are in the front of the mirror. You’ll see. You’ll realize that you deserve to be a better person.

Sometimes we take for granted how the little things we do can change someone’s day… And they’ll remember you for that…

Be in the Front


Whether you are a student or worker, there are several events which encourage you to sit in the back. Get out from your comfort zone. Try sitting up front in meetings…

Most folks don’t want to sit in the front because of fear of what people think, but today, you are different.

You want to “challenge” your comfort zone. So what you do is sit in the front row regardless of what your ego says… At first, you may feel awkward because almost everyone sits in the back is watching you.

But it is not a bad thing. As the time goes by, you will get used to doing it. Without realizing it, you will literally get out of your mental safe space. Plus, you will have more self-confidence.

Try to Speak Up


Perhaps you agree or disagree with some folks and tend to keep it to yourself. You may not say a word and only respond when someone purposely directs the conversation to you. Otherwise, you normally say nothing.

But how long you are going to do this?

Don’t you want to let others know that you agree or disagree with them?

Try to speak more frequently. Consider this as a serious practice which will grant you a new skill in society, which is self-esteem or self-confidence.

These tips will help you a lot on how to get out of your comfort zone. At first, you may not be able to move forward. But after trying these tips more frequently you will build the confidence you need to achieve everything you want.



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