How to Be a Better Wife and Improve Your Marriage

How to Be a Better Wife and Improve Your Marriage

How to Be a Better Wife and Improve Your Marriage

How to be a better wife and improve your marriage

Marriage is a sacred thing for most people. It is an amazing experience to be married to the one you love. For some people, marriage eliminates loneliness and it gives an opportunity for couples to develop teamwork. Through marriage, partners can legally have kids and raised them on their own. There are many couples who get married throughout the world.

“However, marriage is not all about living together in harmony”, says Festus lawyers for family disputes. Married couples often face problems along the way. Many of them opt to separation and divorce if things do not as planned. That is why the role of each partner is very crucial in sustaining a marriage. The role of a wife is as important as the role of the husband.

Here are several tips to become a better wife to your husband and improve your marriage:

1. Going to Bed Together

People who started dating experiences excitement and deeper intimacy. However, after several years of marriage, couples tend to have different sleeping tome and some also tend to have separate beds and it eventually becomes a routine. In order for a marriage to work, the wife and husband must sleep together.

It does not necessarily mean to have sex every night. The important thing is that couples should have something to share. Even small talks before shutting the eyes can create a stronger connection between the two.

2. Small Gestures

Naturally, men in nature are not very vocal and showy. That is why it is important that the wife should take initiative in doing things first. The wife must show their love even in simple ways such as writing a letter, rubbing the husband’s back, grabbing his hand while walking. These little things could be so much and just shows how the wife cares for her husband.

3. Give Him Space and Time

Another way to improve your marriage is to give each other time and space. This means that you should let your husband grow outside your married relationship. Let him have time with his friends or go on a night out with colleagues. Giving each other freedom is one way to build trust and respect which are needed for a strong foundation.

Also, men are not usually verbal. He goes home from work, some wife expects that they will open up easily and talk about their day. But that is not the case. Men usually take time to think and compose themselves before engaging in a conversation. Remember to let him speak first and start on his own.

4. Be Supportive

Husband usually have their own personal goals and interests. Be sensitive about it and support him on what he loves. There is nothing more special than a marriage that supports one another.

5. Quality Time

When husbands do not get busy, they sometimes lose the physical connection with his wife. Sexologists and therapists suggest that in order to improve the marriage, couples must take note that they have to remove the notion that long and technical lovemaking sessions are the solution.

They believe that short lovemaking sessions such as quickie in the shower or sneaking out like teenagers tend to build more intimacy between the couple. They prefer to give importance to quality rather than quantity when it comes to sex.

6. Be a First Mover

As a wife, it is your responsibility to wake up first. Brew him some coffee and prepare breakfast. This act can make your husband’s day brighter. It will boost his mood. Remember the saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. for more info on moving you could try here.

7. Secrets Must be Kept

Since men are not really vocal, the moment they open is a great opportunity. When he tells you a secret, that means he is really opening up and he really trusts you. Do not share his secrets and keep them between the two of you. Trust is something that married couples should have and must not be broken.

8. Praise Him

A little affirmation can go a long way. When you appreciate your husband, he remembers it for a long time. Give a compliment to your husband whether it is personal, from work, or appearance. Giving him praise could make him feel better.

9. Set Aside Your Gadgets

Virtual communication has become rampant today. People use their electronic device to interact with each other. This leads to less face to face interaction and less intimacy between persons. In a world full of technology, try to set aside your gadgets and talk personally with your husband.

A face to face talk could mean more than a text or chat. Do things that do not require electronic devices such as cooking together or taking a bath together. Make a rule on the use of devices.

10. Support his Circle

There may be times that your husband will go on a group activity or so. When he invites you, be with him and support him. Interact and be friends with his social group. Seeing you become close to his circle of friends could mean a lot to him and will improve closeness to your marriage. A healthy relationship does things for one another.

11. Have a Sex Toy

Many years of marriage can eliminate the honeymoons stage of the relationship. When talking about sex, try to have something that could spice up your lovemaking session such as a sex toy. An adventurous relationship could build you both closer and have deeper intimacy.

12. Give Him Power

Let your man choose. Not doing so will hurt his ego. When you give your man power, it makes him feel great and dominant. Even with small things, let your husband take charge of decision-making such as which restaurant to go to, what movies to watch, and the like.


Marriage is created to bind two persons together. Marriage is something that makes a couple commit to a long life of responsibility and love for one another. Even with several years of marriage, there are things that a couple must go through in order to become strong-founded.

Obstacles and struggles are inevitable but there are ways that both partners can do in order to survive and face marriage together.

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