How To Be Happy Alone Without Friends

how to be happy alone

How to be Happy Alone Without Friends

It is hard to deny the fact that everyone needs at least one friend in their life. We need friends to get support, to talk to, and to have good and worse times together.

You can be friends with anyone… You are human right? We are socialized and civilized creatures so we feel we need others to live a happy life.

Regardless of the fact above, there is a point in life where you should be alone. Perhaps your friend needs to go on vacation, your children are off to college…etc. And you need to say farewell to him or her.

Since he or she is the only one who understands you, it will become a big impact in your life. So, how you manage it?

How To Enjoy Life Alone Without Friends

How to be happy alone?

It is not an overnight solution and some of us like to live in the past. But it is not impossible to deal with loneliness by yourself. Here we have compiled a top things-to-do list to deal with your loneliness.

Control Your Emotions

Controlling Your Emotions

Emotions are a sensitive factor which can affect your body. If you are able to control your emotions, you can also control your perspectives. sadness, fear, and anxiety.

Sadness will happen when someone important leaves you. But you should understand that there will be time to reconcile yourself. You need to deal with your personal emotions and move on.

Dealing with your emotions is the key to be happy alone.

Me Time

Get Some “Me Time”

Being alone is not as bad as you think. If you look at this from a different point of view, you will be surprised at how many interesting things you can do.

First things first… Being alone will train you to be an independent person.

You will eat alone, go out alone, and eat lunch alone. This will make you more of a responsible person. You will not rely on other people for problem solving. Instead, you will solve problems on your own.

You will be confident in doing it. As the time goes by, you will become a more responsible and independent person. Then it will be your turn to be someone else’s company and give them value.

Importance of Self Awareness

The Importance of Self Awareness

Another benefit of being alone is… You will be more self-aware than ever before. When someone important is no longer around, you will have more time to reflect on all of the things you did in the past.

You will learn to listen and look at yourself more.

You won’t hesitate to take the necessary steps to make you a better person.

When being alone, there is no one to tell you how to behave or dress. No one tells you how to walk or make an entrance.

Be self sufficient… Learn to cope with your problems and deal with them by yourself. You will be proud of yourself in the end.

What Makes You Happy?

People are alone because of different reasons. If you have recently broke up with your girlfriend, then try not to consider it as a downside.

Without overlooking the sad facts about your loneliness, being single gives you tons of opportunities to find new interesting things.

You will also learn new things that make you happy and who knows, in the process you may also find someone special.

Being single gives you the liberty to do whatever you desire without being afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. This is when you can actualize your desires and ambitions in an ethical manner.

Being alone will also help you to realize that your happiness is not always influenced by other people.

You can be happy alone!

Now the thing is that… There is no way you can make others happy if you can’t make yourself happy. Do something that will help you enjoy time “with yourself”… Go shopping, clubbing, or anything.

new chapter in life

Start a New Chapter In Life

Literally, you can open a new page of the “book of your life”.

You get a fresh start. And it is awesome because the thrill of curiousity is another form of self-entertainment.

Since being alone is happening right now. It is perhaps a fresh start to jot down the list of anything that you want to do while being alone. You will be surprised that there are actually tons of things that you can do to enhance your new life.

Install new games on your PC and learn how  to play it, explore new places you haven’t visited before, or go shopping. Start grooming yourself with brand new products. These are just few of ideas that you can apply.

Look it this way. You will not be stuck in the same boring routine every day. You can simply change your schedule and do something news. Perhaps renovate your bathroom or bedroom?

By changing few things in your life, you can start fresh and avoid things that make your life boring.

Learn to Love Yourself

Being alone is the perfect time to proclaim true love to yourself. Many people forget to say “I love myself” when they are “not” alone. It is because they are more inclined to share love to other people than themselves.

It is your time to stop thinking about other people and make yourself happy. You will soon realize that it is actually pretty easy to accept yourself in and out. Write down things that you love about yourself.

Working Out

If you’re fixing your emotions, why not also improving your health? Start a new exercise program that will help you to shape your body. If you are not up to expensive gym memberships, you can do free workouts at home.

Fortunately, there are bunch of free tutorial videos posted in Youtube. Try these new exercises and make your endorphins active more.

All You Can Eat

Time to explore new foods! You can either go overseas or go to new places in your country. You know, one of the most influencing factors of happiness is eating. So don’t be bothered with your current diet. Eat foods that you want to eat!

Things to Do Alone Outside

6 Things to Do Alone Outside When Bored

1. Explore Your Town

There’s nothing like taking a stroll around town and seeing whats new. You can go to a museum and find out historical facts about your city.

If your city has a farmers market, you can sample different dishes they have to offer. This way you can have fun, stimulate your taste buds, and get full at the same time…lol…

2. Have You Tried Horseback Riding

I’m pretty sure theres a ranch or stable in your city where you can rides horses or even take horseback riding classes. It’s very fun and peacful… I’ve only done it once, but it was amazing!

3. Go to a Carnival or an Amusement Park

Now this may be seasonal in some places but living in Florida for ten years, I noticed that there were carnivals yearround. Then again, with Disney and Universal Studios, you can’t go wrong.

4. Go on a Solo Picnic

Find a local quite park, pack up some of your favorite snacks, and go! Don’t forget to bring some music you can listen to or just enjoy nature itself.

5. Give Back by Volunteering

Places like Habitat for Humanity always have projects where they are building houses for families in need. You can always find soup kitchens and help serve the homeless as well. It’s one of the best feelings as I was homeless many times but also prepared food for those when I wasn’t

6. Go for a Walk or a Hike

Studies show that walking increases cognitive function and creative thinking. I get a lot of cool ideas when walking. Plus I’m an intuitive thinker so it’s right up my alley.

Things to Do By Yourself at Home

5 Things to Do By Yourself at Home

1. Fix Things Around The House

When you get bored and have nothing but time on your hands, you can fix that leaky faucet you been meaning to get to (three months ago).

2. Listen to Podcasts

I love podcast so much… I learned a lot about fitness, marketing, and growing a business. Podcast are also good for inspirarion because most of them are interviews of people who found success or happiness in life.

No matter what you’re into, I’m pretty sure theres a podcast created for it. They are very addicting… Don’t say I didn’t warn you…lol…

3. Start Blogging

Blogging is my favorite thing to do. Not only is blogging a great way to share your thoughts with the world. You can also change someones life for the better

4. Dust off That Old Guitar

If you’re like me then you have instruments in your house collecting dust…lol… Well dust that sucker off, watch a few YouTube videos, and your good!

5. Plug in That Old Nintendo

Do you still have that old video game console you used to play when you were a kid? Now is a good chance to beat some of those leves you could’nt beat when you were younger…lol…

Things to Do Alone on The Weekend

Things to Do Alone on The Weekend

1. Find a Free Concert

The next time you go to a supermarket or gas station. Grab one of the free local newspapers and look for concerts. You’ll be surprised that some local artists sound just as good as major recording artists… Just saying…

Plus when you’re alone, you really get to enjoy the music without any distractions from intoxicated friends…lol… Yea I said it

2. Work on a Project

There’s nothing better than working on a project or something you show off to the world and inspire others. Think of the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have when you complete it.

3. Binge on Nextflix

When you’re by yourself you can watch anything you want to regardless of how bad it is to others…lol… Throw a bag of buttery popcorn in the microwave, put on something loose and comfortable, and hit play.

Can you picture a 6’3″ Muscular Man watching “You’ve Got Mail” alone on a Saturday night? You know what? Just disregard that question, I may have said too much…lol…

4. Speaking of Muscles

Exercise is a vital part of our lives, especially as we age. If you’ve never done any type of exercise, head over to YouTube and theres a plethora of fitness geeks who can help you out…

Side Note: Youtube is my solution to everything… Don’t Hate

5. Test Out Pinterest Recipes

Unless you are living under a rug, then you know Pinterest has some of the best recipes you can find online. No matter what food blogger you follow. I guarantee their recipes is on Pinterest.

This is also a good way to sharpen your skills for that next BBQ, Holiday, or family gathering coming up soon. Just don’t give them your secret source!

6. Speaking of Food

You can always just order delivery service to go with bigne watching Netflix. You can order as much as you want because no one else is around to judge.

Tip: Just tell the pizza guy that you are expecting friends, he’ll understand…

7. Go Solo Shopping

The best part about shopping alone is there’s no one around to rush you. You can take your time and find the best deals in whatever you want.

8. Get Out of Town

Remember that city you always wanted to visit that’s only a couple hours away. This is a good time to rent a hotel for a weekend and see what it all about. Alone that is…

9. Check Out Your Local Bookstore

A bookstore is a great place to spend some time alone. You can pick your favorite topic or find something you’ve always been interested in but haven’t got around to yet.

10. Take a Bubble Bath

Yes, break out the candles and some soft music! Relax and enjoy the moment you have with yourself. You can easily slip into a daydream about anything you desire.

I could go on and on with ideas but I’m sure you got better things to do… Or do you?

Ultimatly the best thing you can do is be better today than you was yesterday…

Enjoy yourself!


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