How To Create A Vision Board

How To Create A Vision Board That Really Works

Do you know how to create a vision board that really works? A vision board or dream board is fast becoming one of the more famous manifesting tools available.

This is because they can help you stay focused and achieve your goals easier and faster.

You’ve probably heard about them or might have seen them online, but if you’re not utilizing this powerful attraction device yourself, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to cut down your road to success.

Just followed the simple steps outlined and you’ll learn how to create your very own vision board.

There’s no successful “adventure” without good supplies…lol…

When you understand how to create a vision board, you’ll certainly be mesmerized with all the ideas that spring forth in you.

Here are the tools you’re going to use to create your vision board:
· Glue, tape
· Scissors
· A support to attain your board (paper, book, cardboard…)
· Plenty of magazines that you’ll not be afraid to cut. My key advice: purchase magazines of various types (travel, people, sports, decorating, beauty, etc)
· Colored pens, whole the scrapbooking things that you like and pen.

Set The Theme Of Your Vision Board:

Creating a vision board is an amazing moment of relaxation and before you know it, ideas will start coming out of nowhere.

And believe me; I’ve haven’t met one single person who lacks creativity. Sometimes it’s just hiding deep inside and needs an outlet.

In any matter, it may be hard to approach this without having a really inspiring environment in the room where you’ll operate.

I remember, when I made my first dream board. I lighted few candles and a stick incense. Then I put some music on and that created an awesome vibe.

This is a great time to use your imagination and make something yours. Also, don’t make it difficult, you can always make more of them in the future.

Use Your Compass

This is the basic step in the realization of a dream board IS the platform where you’ll link to the dreams that lie in sleeping in your Divine self.

This part of you is your compass, now that you’ve collected your content and set-up an environment that amazes you, close your eyes. Take deep breaths until you feel full calmness.

Now you’ll be doing the following visualization in your brain (for few people it might be simpler to record and then listen to it for consideration):

You feel extremely well. As you breathe steadily and deeply, you feel your fears disappear and dissolve with every exhalation.

You’re standing in a position of extreme beauty. It can be a meadow, a beach, a delightful sight, or a mountain. Whatever, you just have to be capable to see the sky.

The sun setting down on the horizon and previously the indigo sky is adorned with a huge number of twinkle stars.

In front of this charming landscape, you feel deeply at calmness. Then you raise your eyes ahead of the sky and you send out complete love to the universe.

In fact, you understand that is in this upper planet that reside your guides, the ancestors who love you, the myths written in the stars which inspire you.

Now you’ll think of series of themes in your life. For each and every of these themes, you’ll leave in your heart, an ideal image amongst the stars that will represent your deepest wish.

Later, you’ll then think the following themes: work, friendship, health, home, romance, recreation, prosperity, family, and spirituality…

Look at The World In a New Way

Now that your brain is full of these visions you can make a collage of words and images that resonate with the true wishes of your heart.

To do this take the magazines you’ve collected and browse. Without thinking cut out all the words or the images that you find appealing and that resonates with you.

You’ll find it stunning how after this form of meditation you look at things in a new way. You might be shocked by relationships that your mind will create among images and the visions you had.
Draw Your Treasure Map

Now that you’re half buried by all of the images and the words you cut out. It is time to put them on your canvas. Combine these elements according to the inspired themes they address.

Draw your own charts, from your own constellations of the colors and shapes on your vision board. It is yours, it appears to you. There’s no perfect board.

There’s a vision board that signs the wishes of your heart, a painting that celebrates your imaginations. And this dream board can only be yours, no one elses.

If you wish to decorate it please don’t hesitate. Unleash your dream. This dream board is your treasure map.
Let’s Go!

Often after creating your board you may not know what to do. My humble advice is to place it in a place where you’ll constantly see it; this vision board is a direct way to your imagination.

It lifts the veil of false beliefs and doubts and shows you what your heart truly wishes. So by being regularly exposed to your dream board, you’ll forever be in contact with your own reality.

Personally, I put mine in my room. I place it in a place where I can celebrate it. If you wish to do the contemplation of your vision board in a ritual type form, Please do it!

In the end, you’ll see that as you watch it your life will change. By focusing your imaginations on what your heart really wished and on the essence of your Divine self, you will wake up in you the titanic energies that will adjust your reality.

Relish the journey and particularly keep your vision or dream board safe so that one day you can say the dream life you live right now, in fact, you had truly dreamed it.

Thanks for checking out my post on how to create a vision board that really works…

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