How to Meditate With Stones

How to Meditate With Stones

How to Meditate With Stones

How to meditate with stones? Meditation is considered to be one of the exercises that have a lot of benefits not only for the body but also for the mind and the soul. Meditation helps people to clear the mind, relax, and release the negativity and unwanted thoughts. Some people use stones or crystals when meditating.

What is Stone or Crystal Meditation?

Using stones or crystals is a good way to improve your meditation. These stones and crystals are believed to be a powerful tool to have an in-depth concentration.

When speaking on a spiritual level, using stones and crystal s can help raise awareness and deepen the consciousness. Any stone or crystal can be used in meditation. It can be a tool to maintain the practice and connect with a specific goal or intention.

What are the types of stones or crystals used in mediation?

The selenite is used for clearing the mind and relax the body. It has healing properties that can eliminate negative energies to cleanse the body.

Quartz Crystal
This crystal is ideal for meditation because it is anchored with meditative intention. The Quartz Crystal can bring clarity to the mind and help you to focus on your dreams. Clear Quartz can be held in the left hand as it absorbs energy or in the right hand to radiate it.

This is a scared smoke which is popularly used to induce meditation for many years.

Palm Stones
These are ideal for beginners and seasonal meditators. They are larger than normal stones yet they fit in the palm of your hands. As you meditate, you hold one stone in each hand and you should feel the energy of the stones that flow in your body.

How to Meditate with Crystals or Stones:

If you have already chosen which crystal or stone you will use for your meditation, then you can start right away. Remember that there is no right or wrong way when meditating.

The best way to use the stones during meditation is to embrace them in your hands, lay them on your body that it can touch your skin. To get you started, here is a simple meditation step using stones:

1. Decide what crystal or meditation stone you will use for meditating.

Some people will have different preferences on which one to use.

2. Cleanse the crystal or stone before using.

This can be done by holding the stone under water while stating “I cleanse this crystal of any negativity and offer it to the highest good of all”.

3. Now, you need to find a silent and quiet place where you are comfortable and can feel relaxed.

A peaceful surrounding can be a great factor if you want to achieve deeper concentration and focus.

The best place to meditate is somewhere that is not crowded. If possible, there should be no other person in the area except you in order for you not to be disturbed when doing the practice.

You have to turn off your phone and lock the door. Draw the curtains if there are. You can also put earplugs so you can concentrate more and cannot be disturbed easily.

4. Sit quietly with the stones you chose nearby.

Have a meditation mat or cushion so that you can sit comfortably and will not experience or feel any discomfort or body pain.

Sitting for a long period may cause hip and bottom discomfort. You need to have a support for your body and this can be solved by the use of meditation pillows or cushions.

5. Once you find the comfortable position, you can now close your eyes. Silent your mind.

Think of nothing and concentrate on your meditation. Focus your attention on your breathing and no other else.

6. Get the stones or crystal you placed nearby.

Now hold them comfortably in your hands. Many people have experienced that holding a stone or being near them can alter your consciousness positively. It may not be explained scientifically but there are many people who can attest to experience it and describe it.

7. Imagine your awareness and consciousness increase into the stone.

Feel the energy of the crystal. Crystals or stones are defined to have symmetrical properties.

Most people thought that the energy of people’s aura is being channeled and purified through the crystal. It is also believed that the crystal or stone is enough to improve concentration, mood, and effective meditation.

8. Breathe in deeply and in the highest white light.

By doing so, let the stone’s energy fill your mind and pervade all your senses.

9. Now start to visualize your desired intention.

You need to remember that the stones or crystal you are holding is listening to your intention.

10. After you think of your intention, relax your body and mind.

You can choose to sit with your stone or crystal as long as you need and want.

11. When you are done, and completely feel relaxed and at peace, finish the grounding process by watching all aspects of your consciousness spiral back out of the stone and into your body.

You can feel yourself connect with the earth

12. Now open your eyes and take deep breaths.

Return to your consciousness around you. You can stretch your body if you feel like it.

13. It can be ideal to keep a notebook where you can write all your feelings and expressions.

This can be used as a reference in the future.


The meditation stone or crystal acts as an instrumentalist of your thoughts. It helps you access your inner wisdom which can only be attained through a deep meditation.

The use of crystals or stones can have different meaning and purpose. Some crystals are used for emotional traumas, some use it for a clearer interpretation of dreams, and some may use it for deeper concentration, and lastly, some people may use it for personal intentions and questions that only their inner self can be answered through focused meditation. If you have some tips on how to meditate with stones, please leave a comment below.

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