How To Move On From Someone After A Break Up

How To Move On

How to Move on From Someone

How to move on from someone after a break up…

For some people, sadness and disappointment are inevitable when they broke up. Well, the reason is obvious. It has never been so easy. The emotional pains are inevitable.

This will be more severe if you see the other party has moved on to another person. It will hit you like a train.

You have invested your time and effort. And you have being involved emotionally with him or her. Perhaps you have mutual friends or meet the other party in a work situation.

That means it is almost impossible not seeing each other. It will be tough to get over someone you love when you can see him or her every day. But let me tell you something. It is not easy for him or her either.

It may take time, but moving on from someone is important to vouch your readiness in the future relationships. After all, no one wants to get involved with you if you still stuck in the past.

Are You Sure That It is Over?

Before moving on, you need to confirm that it is already over. There must be tons of unanswered questions from your past. Some of the things have been closed, but you are still curious about the other things. If these cause you distress, it is time to take a definite action.

You need to make sure that your past relationship is finished. Make sure you cut loose everything which can affect you emotionally. It is like when you have a boat and stay in one harbor.

It is time to cut the tie and find another one. Make sure that you have resolved everything so that there is nothing that will make you look back.

Make sure that there is no reason to return to the past. For instance, if you have books you borrow from him or her, give them back. Alright, for some people, it is a bit harsh. You already know that this stuff will remind you of the other party every day.

There is no point to having something to remind you of the past.  You need to reconcile not only with the other party but also with yourself.

Deal with Memories After The Break Up

There is no way to erase the memories unless you experience amnesia. But you do have the option to relive the memories or not. It is your choice. If you want to get hurt again, you can relive the memories. If you want to move on, don’t do it.

First things first, you need to detach your emotions in those memories. If you accidentally relive the memories, try to get some distractions. If your former partner, in any ways, try to relive the past, try to end it politely.

It is something that you can’t overlook because it is the key to moving on from someone to another one. It is important to know that reliving the past will only make thing worse.

It can possibly create further pain. So you will need to control your emotions. Keep reminding yourself that the relationship is over.

Overcome the Hurdles

You won’t know what hurdles might prevent you from moving on. Well, it is because you are unsure about your decision. Is it the best to end the relationship?

Such questions might be revolving in your mind often.Of course, you won’t need to get in touch with your former partner to get the answers.

These are hurdles. But some questions are meant to be left that way. You don’t have to get stuck with it. Instead of wasting your time musing, you can do other positive things.

Accept The Truth

The truth is sad, probably cruel for you. But you need to be thankful. Believe that this is an experience that makes you more mature. These experiences will help you to grow and embrace your life more.

This will give you the chance to realize that all the things you experienced in the past indeed give you value. With that in mind, you will continue your life with positive decisions and determinations.

Take A Break

Being involved in a tough relationship which ended up with a breakup is tiresome. Your emotions will affect your body. It is hard to walk, eat, and even sleep. In order to get yourself together, you need to take a break and get some alone time.

Don’t force yourself to do something that you don’t like unless it is your responsibility (work, because you need money). Explore something else. When you take a break, it is the perfect time to open a fresh start.

It is an entirely different road that you will take. The thrill gets you excited since you don’t know what will happen in the future. Is it interesting to draw your own dream?

Today is More Important than Yesterday

You need to assure yourself that what happened in the past did not justify your fate or your future. There is nothing else that has the right to predict or determine your future.

Instead of reliving the past, it is much better to focus on today. Think about what positive things that you can do today. Take action whenever chances are given to you.

It’s Your Life

Are you familiar with “It’s My Life” song from Bon Jovi? I’ll quote the chorus

“It’s my life

It’s now or never

I ain’t gonna live forever

I just want to live while I’m alive “

You are not going to live forever, and you need to realize that it is your life. So claim it and take a full control of your own life. No one else has the right to control you, including your emotions. But with that in mind, you should also realize that no one else is responsible for you.

Simply forget the past, look straight ahead and strive your better future. Some folks are hard to move on simply because they can’t forget the yesterday.

And they blamed on someone else. Well, actually, it is on them. So are you. If you don’t want to move on, it is your choice. It is always your fault since you are the only person who can make it happen.

Thanks for reading how to move on from someone after a break up.

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