How To Think Positive Thoughts All The Time

How To Think Positive Thoughts

How To Think Positive Thoughts All The Time


How to think positive thoughts all the time no matter the circumstances…

Your thoughts lead you to everything you do in life, whether bad or good. Many gurus teach us that our actions and feelings are a reflection of our thoughts.

You may look at your current situation and think, sometimes good things happen but bad things happen “all the time”.

But can your “thoughts” alter your life?

Have you heard that whatever controls your thoughts becomes your reality? Well, It all starts with the positive thoughts.

What Is Positive Thinking?


The principle is indeed easy to understand. The moment you plant positive thoughts in your mindset, you will be on the path to a happier, healthier and more quality life.

This, of course, encourages you to eliminate all the negative thoughts which can hinder your achievements and improvements.

You need to be able to control your thoughts and emotions, making sure they are on the right track to positive outcomes in your life. You will eventually start to improve your inner and outer quality of life.

Here are tips on how to think positive thoughts…

Benefits Of Positive Thinking


Don’t be too serious. And don’t be too hard on yourself. There is nothing good that will come out when you take things too seriously. Have fun and enjoy life…

Sometimes, you need some humor… You need to laugh at things in your life to make yourself feel better.

Humor will relieve stress and depression. Laughing itself is a gift and you must be grateful for it. Not to mention that humor can make you cool down and think more rationally.

This is very useful to refresh your mind so that you’ll know what to do when obstacles come in your life. You will always see the good in life. So, smile and laugh. Enjoy your life.

Observing Your Thoughts


No matter how great your day is, negative and positive thoughts will come and go throughout the day. We can’t deny our thoughts because everything is processed by our brain. And not a single person can control our thoughts except “ourselves”.

You may or may not realize that negative thoughts often come to your mind and create a setback. Sometimes we do not realize that our actions are directed by our negative thoughts.

As results, we regret our actions later. Well, the reason is obvious. We are not aware of our positive and negative thoughts.

Unless you are aware of your thoughts, you cannot alter the negative thoughts to focus on positive ones.

Stop Negative Thoughts


Negative thoughts are always coming so how can we contain them…

While you cannot get rid of negative thoughts completely, you can keep them at bay.

The way to do this is to “stop” soon after realizing that negative thoughts are taking over. You need to snap out of it to pull yourself together.

If necessary, get distracted…lol

A simple example, you are just given a big pile of additional work from your supervisor.

As you’re looking at the clock, you notice that it’s almost time to get off. But with this additional work, you are not going to make it to dinner. And you start thinking about few unpleasant things.

Well, snap out of it! Call your wife, tell her you are sorry. Grab a cup of coffee from the vending machine, and focus. Try to be objective about the situation. Maybe it will be less work you have to do tomorrow.

After all, your boss won’t do this every day. Who knows, someday, you’ll get promoted because of your hard work.

Although you are able to alter the negative thoughts, that does not mean you can raise the positive thoughts right away. You need to constantly remind yourself to be as objective as possible.

You need to be able to identify negative signals so that you can troubleshoot them. If you find yourself cornered, think about the way out… The solution… Use all your abilities to deal with the problem in a calm manner.

When you reach some progress, don’t forget to reward yourself. Acknowledge the things you have achieved on daily basis. There is no wrong in celebrating what you achieve today.

Just make sure not to break the bank because of it…lol

Positive Thoughts Can Be Your Second Nature


Both positive and negative thoughts can become automatically manifested in ourselves. And you cannot deny the existence of negative thoughts because they provide the sense of carefulness. But they can also hinder your improvement as a person.

Rather than trying to control your negative thoughts, it is better to make the positive thoughts “your second nature”.

The way to do it is to observe every thought that you produce objectively. You will be the judge for your own thoughts.

Judge the thoughts and don’t be ashamed if you are wrong…

When you feel bad, make it right. Or if you have gone right, but nothing good comes, turn left…

The point is that folks struggle to justify the negative thoughts until they forget that it is more beneficial if they make positive thinking more prevalent in their life.

With some practices, you will be able to think positive most of the time and use your negative thoughts only for precautions.

Positive Thinking Techniques


Jot down your thoughts on a daily basis…

It might sound ridiculous to you… But believe it… It works like a charm! When you write down the negative thoughts, you will be able to assess the root of your life problems easily.

This will help you understand the causes which makes your life “not go smoothly”. This way, you will be able to identify the underlying problems and start looking for the right solutions.

But let’s not forget about the positive thoughts you wrote down on that paper. It’s not about weighing the bad and good things happen in your life. It is about to reflect on the positive things which can increase your happiness.

Spend at least  5 to 10 minutes writing in a journal or app. Write down your experiences for the entire day. This can be a great ritual for thinking positive thoughts daily. It is also a “me-time” in which you have the liberty to criticize or praise yourself.

Keep in mind that thinking positive thoughts require practice on daily basis. You need to have determination to this. Don’t ever give up…


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