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What Is an INTJ Mastermind

Are you an INTJ Mastermind?

Well I am… And no matter how many times I take the Myers Briggs test (or any test for that matter), it always comes out the same.

An INTJ is one of the rare personality types out of the 16 (The Mastermind) and, supposedly, the most misunderstood of all personality types.

Depending on where you get the definition from, INTJs can account from anywhere among one to four percent of the population.

I bet you want to know what makes the INTJ mastermind so amazing?

INTJ Meaning

INTJ is short for (I), introverted, (N), intuitive, (T), thinking, and (J), judging.

Being a hyper introvert means that individuals with this mastermind type tend to do a tremendous amount of thinking and demand a quiet space to expand our minds.

Being in this type of environment means that the INTJ mastermind can easily focus on concepts, ideas, possibilities, and patterns.

Considering this unique function with these types of personalities means that an individual with an INTJ mastermind values reason, logic, and tends to make a decision based on the truth rather than relying on our emotions.

Our judging trait means that we like systems and organization. We also prefer to plan things in beforehand to know what is expected of us.

It’s also good to remember that four letters in your type of personality can very from person to person depending on life situations and are not absolute.

All personality types might act unlike themselves at times; even someone with INTJ mastermind might seem overwhelmed with emotions and make an uncharacteristic decision depending on the condition.

You might force yourself to act extroverted and be good at that. However, that would begin to feel unnatural and inconvenient to you just like it’s unnatural to dribble with your right hand when you are left-handed while playing basketball.

What Others Call This INTJ Personality Type

Myers Briggs refers to this personality type as a Conceptual Planner or The Architect; Some called it the scientist or The Mastermind while some people called it, The Director, The Visionary, or The Strategist.

Innovative, intelligent and reclusive, INTJs are remarkable organizers who enjoy devising elaborates blueprints and will never start a project without thoroughly planning it out beforehand.

Now in relation with the 16 Personality types compared to the 4 temperaments outline, INTJ would be a blend of choleric melancholic where choleric is the dominant one and melancholic temperament comes next.

INTJ Hobbies and Interests

Being very pragmatic and rational, people with “the mastermind personality” are obsessed with tech and science.

We possess a unique learning style and compacity; not that they can “just” simply process difficult content, we can also seamlessly reproduce received info.

INTJs enjoy brain activities such as word games, puzzles, chess, and Sudoku etc.

How to Get an INTJ to Like You

Sophisticated and clever, us INTJs have a low tolerance for ignorance and incompetence. Stubborn with our high standards, we expect from you only as much as we expect from ourselves or it won’t work.

INTJs like competent and savvy people, and with that being said, it might take some time until we let you into our own (small) atmosphere.

If you want to strike up a discussion with INTJs, avoid small and mundane conversation as we find it pointless and annoying.

Find a way to talk to us on a more intellectual level. Us INTJs are not impressed by titles, fancy degrees, or punchlines.

To get our interest show us your “inner worth” in the aspect of what you’re capable of. Be well defined and present actionable ideas that we can collaborate on.

INTJ Leadership Traits

INTJs are normally introverted and we need our alone time to recharge. It’s also noted that despite the fact the we can excel as leaders, we prefer to remain low-key and would not lead unless it is absolutely needed.

Some people say that INTJs are the expert masterminds behind projects. INTJs are usually great leaders that works really well with ENTJ traits to accomplish their ultimate goals, that’s why they call us The Mastermind.

The single difference among these 2 types of personalities are their introversion, and extroversion performance.

ENTJs extroversion assists them to lead, while INTJs introversion assists them to strategize and plan more effectively.

Though INTJs do not strive to take the leadership role, but as I stated earlier, we may take place of leadership if there is no one else willing to refine our theories and plans.

Not only do we always have a great plan; we also have plenty of other backup plans in case the first strategy does not work out.

INTJ’s Decisive Skills

INTJs are extremely self-assured at making decisions rapidly with ease. In fact, we’re not capable of relaxing and resting until we make an exact decision on what’s “in our brain” at the moment.

Unlike several others, INTJs truly love challenging issues as it provides us a chance to apply our decisive and creative abilities.

The INTJ At Work

INTJs masterminds are one of the most successful types in colleges and in the work force.

However, with our supreme thinking capabilities and competitive attitude, we might earn more than our co-workers.

Other people might feel sorta incompetent in our presence, which might result in a psychological imbalance (in our minds) and us shrugging you off at worst.

Even people who know this about us and are not annoyed by it (for the most part) don’t typically enjoy the company INTJs as we can sometimes be too anal and critical.

Luckily, the difference of understanding from the side of our co-workers does not really bother INTJs. But as-long-as we believe we are right, we’re good…lol.

Thanks to our introverted and perfectionist nature, we’re concerned with our ideas and projects first, everyone else can wait.

INTJ Relationships Traits

INTJs “over the top” standards apply when we are in relationships as well. We look for intellectually competent and stimulating partners.

We are not entertaining relationships with less logical people who cannot hold their own or think for themselves.

INTJs know extremely fast whether the relashionship is or isn’t going anywhere, normally when we first go out with that person.

Once we decide we are not for them, it’s not likely we will be very kind about it or try to sugar coat anything. We’re not afraid to cut our losses, we’ll drop you as quickly as a heart attack and move forward with our lives.

With that being said, trust we are making the best decision, not just for ourselves, but for the other party involved.

INTJ Love & Romance

Though INTJs might appear discerned and anal, we’re able to provide passionate, love and romance once we find a person we truly like.

The “apple of our eye” will normally have to take on a huge task ahead as  INTJs don’t take rejection well and might even act stubborn at times.

INTJs are romantic lovers and passionate as they come. We are very loyal and you can trust we’ll have your back when no one else will.

That’s all I got off the top of my head about the INTJ Mastermind. I’ll add more soon…

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