Is Married at First Sight Real? (or a Bust)

Is Married at First Sight Real

Is Married at First Sight Real?

Is married at first sight real? The idea of two people magically falls in love and gets married so fast is quite magical yet intriguing.

Some people really believe that they are able to meet people in a magical moment and they simply know that that person is really the one. In a world where dating can be as easy as tapping right or left on a mobile device, marriage can be a delicate thing to consider.

People who are in love can take impulsive actions of marrying the one they love even in a short span of time after meeting. Some have shared that they get married even just less than six months of being together up to 90 minutes of just being together.

People such as celebrities are more likely to do this kind of stuff. Sometimes, we are being shocked by popping news that two celebrities have decided to get married even with a short period of time being together. They easily get engaged and then proceed to marriage.

People in the entertainment industry do it all the time. And in the real world, other people also do this. But the big question sometimes is what drives them to do such an abrupt thing? Is love at first really a thing? Is married at first sight real? Is it just pure love?

With this, married at first sight can be a risky thing but people who have tried shared their experiences and here are some insights you may want to know:

  1. Love is a powerful thing

According to psychologists, getting married, regardless of how soon or how long, is the greatest expressions one can give to show the deep affection or feelings for your loved one. Marriage is one way to solidify or formalize feelings.

Through marriage, couples may be able to create a foundation of stability in the life that they want to get in with. That is why getting married even within a short period of time is not a crazy thing for couples to do because it is usually backed up with intimate love and relationship shared by the couples.

  1. It is not an impulsive decision.

One thing that most people do not know is that married at first sight is not an impulsive decision made by the couples as opposed to the mainstream notion. Getting married does not necessarily mean that people did not think through it. In most cases, people who get married right away are smart and rational decision-makers.

  1. They just know it.

Some people jump into deciding getting married for a very simple reason. They just know it. The gut feeling of having someone for the rest of their lives are very cliché but in reality, people who experience this can attest that it is truly magical.

Some people also believe that when they meet people, they get this feeling of being acquainted already with that person or that they have known them for a long time. They become comfortable with the person that getting married instantly with them is not an issue.

  1. They don’t want to be apart from each other

Cheesy as it is to say but some couple gets married right away because they can’t stand to be apart from their loved ones. They get married at first sight because they hate not being with each other. They get married because it is the only way that they can enjoy quality time in the bounds of formal commitment and love.

  1. They already know they are going there.

Some couples believe in marriage at first sight. They already know and feel that they will eventually get married and so they decide to do it anyway. Some people realize that they want to be together for a lifetime so they opt to get married instantly.

When people do not have any reservations or hesitations towards their loved one, then there is no reason for second-guessing or second thoughts about marriage.

  1. Life is complicated and busy

Another insight why couples dive into marriage right away is because life offers a daily struggle and busy schedule. By tying the knot, marriage can compel couples to live tighter and match up their schedules in a more convenient way. They rush into marriage because it allows them to have stability over chaotic daily scenes.

  1. Commitments

Researches have also concluded that aside from the younger generation getting married, the high rate of marriage, at first sight, is duly because of commitments involving work. For example, some military men or navy works for a long period of time. Having date women makes them want to instantly get married in order to bind their relationship into a legal one.

When they go around the world doing their job, the emotional aspect of their personality affects them that is why they opt to get married right away with their loved ones in order to feel emotionally secure and stable. The uncertainty and separation brought about by careers can be saved by marriage.

Here are some other reasons why people get married right away:

–  The woman is pregnant and they want the baby to have a better family.

–  There could be tax incentives or advantages when getting married on a prior date

–  People love their partners that they do not want to waste any second.

–  One of them may be due to work overseas and want security.

–  Studies have also suggested that people who get married right away are less likely to get divorced.



Regardless of the number of years, months, or days that people have been together, the most important thing to remember is that marriage is not game but a responsibility and a life-long commitment.

Some people who got married after weeks of dating tend to be together for over ten years. The issue here is not on the length of time being together but the relationship that is built and the commitment of both partners helps to share a life-long journey.

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