Meditation Benches for Bad Knees

Best Meditation Benches for Bad Knees

Looking for the best meditation benches for bad knees? Meditation is one of the many relaxing activities that can help your body connect to the universe. Many studies have proven that meditation helped improve a person’s memory.

It can stop the mind from thinking too much and wandering thoughts. However, some people who are into meditation experience knee pain and other body pains.

Most people have issues with these aches because of no comfortable position that would allow them to meditate for a longer period of time. That is why the market has come up with a meditation chairs and benches to keep your body in the right posture so you can focus more and find peace.

Quick Note: If you don’t want to read the entire post… I recommend the Awaken Zabuton & Crescent Zafu cushion set which is good for knee support. You can click the image below if you want more info.

There are many types of meditation chairs on the market today. Each of them has a specific purpose. Some are designed specially to address back pains and some are constructed to help problems with bad knees.

What are the Types of Meditation Chairs?

Meditation chairs have different designs and sizes. One example is a bench chair which helps people meditates while kneeling. There are also cushioned seats that are recommended for people when it comes to legless meditation. Some people also prefer chairs that can support the back when meditating.

Advantages of a Meditation Chair

Since meditation can offer many benefits, it is important to use the equipment that can help you attain comfort and relaxation. Here are some of the advantages when using a meditation chair:

• Design
Meditation chairs come in different and unique designs which are built ergonomically. They are constructed in a way that it can allow you to appropriately have a sitting posture for a long period of time without discomfort so that you can enjoy an excellent meditation session

• Alignment and Support
Meditation chairs are built with a specific purpose. It provides adequate support and alignment needed to achieve a good meditation session.

• No Interference
When meditating, it is important that you can feel harmony between the body and the mind. In order to achieve this, you will need a chair that cannot disturb you easily.

• Proper Meditation
Using a meditation chair can allow you to feel a maximum meditation session. These meditation chairs are both good for beginners and enthusiastic ones.

Here are The Top 4 Best Meditation Benches for You

1. Awaken Zabuton & Crescent Zafu cushion set

I you have bad knees, then the Awaken Zabuton & Crescent Zafu cushion set is the best option in my opinion. It is designed to reduce pressure on the knee joints and is very soft allowing you focus on clearing your mind rather than focusing on knee pain.

It is my top pick for the best meditation benches for bad knees because it’s filled with buckwheat and has a removable cover which is machine washable and made with 100% cotton.

The set comes with two separate pieces. The cushion (22″x16″x4″) and the mat (31″x27″x4″). They also provide a variety of colors from you to choose from.

All of the reviews are very positive because it’s the best option in my opinion as well as others if you have bad knees. You can click here to check out the reviews and price.

2. Folding Meditation Bench, Angled Legs

The Folding Meditation Bench is a sturdy and stable chair that can be folded easily. It is one of the most popular meditation benches for retreat meditation or group meditation. Since it has folded legs, it can be easily slipped and put into your backpack. It has a beautiful suitcase.

The Alder hardwood legs connect to the Birch plywood top that offers heavy duty use. The Folding Meditation Bench has a foam and cotton layers and can be upholstered with raw silk or cotton canvass. It comes with long lasting paddings that can let you experience longer comfort when meditating.

The angled legs can provide good support for the back while being relaxed. It is often recommended to have a cotton upholstery for its durability. The raw silk, however, can give a sleek and luxurious design for the bench top.

Others also claim that the silk can insulate energies from the earth, thus giving more uplifted and focused meditation. Most users prefer folding benches because of the portability and convenience it provides. If you are tall, then it is strongly recommended to have a tall bench, especially with knee problems.

Can be easily carried
Legs can be folded

Slightly expensive

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3. Fixed Legs Meditation Bench Soft Top (Made in USA)

The Fixed Legs Meditation Bench Soft Top is a product of the USA. It provides great adjustability when rotating the bench on 1 180 degrees to get the wanted seat geometry and height for you.

It is made of comfortability and ergonomic style. It also offers stability through its fixed and broad legs, and large seats. It measures 18 x 8 inches.

This meditation bench is built with multi-density set pads with excellent fabric quality. This mediation bench comes in three different sizes. The larger bench is suitable for people with less flexible bodies and longer legs. The bench weighs only four pounds.

Elegant and beautiful design
Lightweight for meditation
Highly stable
Large seat
Super comfortable
High quality padding and foam

Difficult to carry

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4. Meditation Bench – Acacia wood

Unlike other brands, this Meditation Bench- Acacia wood is not foldable. It is made of acacia wood that ensures stability and sturdiness. It is recommended for all body types for meditation but not more than 6’1” in height. It has a thick cushion padding that offers maximum comfort.

The legs of this bench cannot be folded yet it provides more stable support for the body without irritating screws. It is built with angled and rounded legs that are attached to the bench.

The best thing about this bench is it is very cheap yet one of the best meditation benches in 2017. The meditation bench is black and color.

It only weighs 3 pounds making it very lightweight. The cushion is three inches thick which allows you to sit comfortably even in a long period of time.

Super light
Highly durable
Made of acacia wood
Super durable
Fine structure, sturdy, and stable

Cannot be easily carried
Legs are not foldable
Bottom is curved

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Final Words

Most meditation chairs are designed to give comfort and support to the body when meditating. There are models that provide extra features that can particularly address each customer’s needs and wants.

Some benches are made to be lightweight and portable so it can be carried anytime and anywhere. There are also benches that are beautifully constructed which are most appealing to women users.

Choosing the perfect meditation chair will vary in different personal preferences of the users. The important thing is to choose the best chair that provides excellent support and comfort which will help you achieve the numerous benefits of doing the meditation.

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