Qualities of A Leader: The Good, Bad, And Ugly

qualities of a leader

Qualities of A Leader


What are the top qualities of a leader?

Every leader has had his own style… Some leaders can be charismatic while some leaders can be very loud.

Other leaders can be an understanding while other leaders will go strictly by the book. You also have those that are very creative in the way they run their business.

Now even though many leaders come from different backgrounds and upbringings, almost all of them have traits that are similar to one.

I’m going to list some of these great traits that you can put into practice if you wanna be a good leader.

Qualities of Leadership: What Are The Qualities of A Good Leader?


1. Being a responsible person

Every great a leader is responsible. When the going gets tough, when things start to fall apart, great leaders have courage to get things done no matter the situation.

This important trait is very valuable because it insures safety to the team and inspires them to work even better.

They have complete and total trust that their leader will only lead them in the right direction no matter the circumstances.

2. A great a leader is knowledgeable


To be knowledgeable in many different areas is a vital trait for a great leader…

A great leader does not have to know Everything.  But when it comes to his industry a great leader is unshakable.

This is important because when your employees are not sure what to do, they can always count on you for guidance.

This also helps you stay focus on the bigger vision because you are aware of everything that goes on (even if it’s on a basic level).

This will ensure that everything runs smoothly when your team is collaborating together.

3. A leader has to be calm


Every great leader has a calmness about themselves. This means that even if you feel stressed or worried about any circumstance, you won’t let it deter you away from being productive.

No matter what, a great leader will always have a stoic mentality that reflects in a positive way to their staff.

Just remember, that if you start to panic, everyone else around you will begin to panic as well.


4. A leader is passionate about what he believes in

Passion lies deep inside the heart of every great leader.

The reason a leader feels so passionate about what they do is because they understand the bigger picture behind the business.

When you really believe in your industry and what you have to offer you will do whatever it takes to teach, helped, and inspire others.

Leadership Weaknesses You Should Avoid


I’m pretty sure there has been a time in your life where you had to work for an unpleasant boss.

And I’m pretty sure working in these conditions probably stressed the life out of you to the point you probably wanted to quit.

What are some of these bad leadership qualities that you can avoid to become the best leader that you can be to your team.

1. Staying away from he said, see she said


There were some jobs that I used to work at that made me feel horrible when it comes to being involved in negative gossip that goes on in the office space.

Everyone just sits around and talk about one another and at the same time smile in everybody’s face right after they just said something bad about them.

This makes the work atmosphere very depressing and also affects job performance…

I remember walking into work and having a bad feeling but I just couldn’t pinpoint where the negative energy was coming from.

In most cases this comes from lack of leadership or the supervisor trying to please everyone…

Sometimes it can also be caused by “favoritism” which separates the entire office and creates bad workplace.

2. Micromanagement


Micromanaging is probably the most annoying leader or supervisor could do…

This will actually make circumstance is even worse for the employee or your team.

Most of us as adults would rather not feel like we’re being monitored and would rather figure things out for ourselves.

Plus “creative problem solving” is the best way to build your team. It also makes your job a lot easier when you have a team that can stand on their own.

3. There’s no direction


Worse than the micromanaging is a leader who does not know which way he is going…

Sometimes this comes from a leader who does not like to take responsibility for circumstances that get out of control.

Or sometimes they just might not know what to do in certain circumstances to make vital decisions for their employees.

4. Uncontrollable emotions


I talked about this earlier about controlling your emotions.  A bad leader cannot control their emotions, which reflects on the team and makes them uncomfortable and unproductive.

5. A leader that is not interested


This is the worst of all bad qualities because if your leader is not passionate about the business, or the long term vision, than this will impact the entire company negatively and ultimately ruin the business.

Ways That You Can Motivate Your Team


Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivation


The thing with these solutions is that in reality they are both extrinsic in nature.

In other words, the motivation is pretty much coming from an external source.

To fix this… Give your employees ownership over their task. That way they can take the majority of credit for good results.

The biggest reason why this is a good strategy is…

Because it makes your team feel that they’re responsible and also gives them a feeling of pride in what they are doing.

This will benefit them because it makes the job that they are performing more fulfilling plus it gives them something to brag about.

As I stated earlier the ownership of their priorities will also better their skills at making decisions when you’re not around.

I hope you like my post about qualities of a leader. If you have any ideas, leave them below…

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