What is a Sapiophile?


I was on Tinder a while back and I noticed in a woman’s profile that she had the word sapiophile… I was wondering what the word sapiophile meant but I brush it off and swiped.

The more I swiped the more I started noticing that a lot of women was using it. It got to the point where I started seeing it in almost every profile back-to-back-to-back…lol…

So I decided to go ahead and just to see what it meant.


Sapiophile Meaning

“Sapiophile means to be sexually attracted to intelligence or a person’s mind.”

With that being said… I had a guy friend tell me that being a sapiophile doesn’t makes since because if the person is not attractive you’re not going to talk to them anyway.

My answer to that is you have to understand the difference between “sexual attraction” and “physical attraction”. There’s a big difference between the two.

I meet beautiful women all the time, but when it comes to conversation, most of the time there’s nothing there. Granted, demograpgics can play a part in it. But still, Damn!

Sometimes I meet women who are not a “Dime Piece” but still attractive and also have a great personality to match. But that’s very seldom in my neck of the woods. And when I do meet women who are positive and goal oriented, they have a man (so they say)…lol…

So just because I’m physically attracted does not mean I’m sexually attracted to that person.

I’ve heard women say that they thought a man was attractive but “that guy” does not turn them on sexually in any way. For instance at the gym, a girl once told me that if some of the guys that hit on her had something “upstairs”, she would give them a chance.

The question I hear a lot is should you ask a woman if she is a sapiophile.

To be honest, I find the word rather disturbing. It just gives me a wierd feeling when I say it and the last thing I’m going to do is ask a woman is she a sapiophile…lol…

Why does sapiophile sound so bad?

Well it turns out that it’s very similar to the Greek word “Saprophile” which meens to be attracted to something that is “rotting”… Go figure…

Sapiophile Personality

Do I have a sapiophile personality? Hmm… Maybe…

I’m from what is known as “The Hood” or “The Ghetto” so most of the women I’ve come across are know as “THOT’s”. Meaning, “That hoe over there” or “Ratchet” loud mouth chicks…lol… Ya know, always ready to fight for no reason at all.

I’m not going to go on a rant about my “Sista’s” because there are plenty of intelligent ones out there (somewhere)… But they are what I call “Elusive”…

Depending on where I’m living at (at the time). I can go to bookstores and find intelligent women and carry on a great conversation depending on what she is reading…

But at the moment, blogging and marketing keeps my time filled up most of the day so I don’t get out much other than the gym.

Anywho… I just wanted to blog about my new found word that I’m hearing more and more now a days. If you would like to add to this, please leave a comment below.

Thanks, Julius


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