Sex Transmutation Techniques: How To Transmute Sexual Energy

Sex Transmutation

Is sex transmutation the “Real Secret”?

The first time I came across the technique of channeling sexual energy to productive energy was when I was married (many years ago).

My wife came home with a book one of her coworkers said would change her life… This book was called “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Keep In mind at the time our marriage was pretty much over or non existent to say the least. But being the analytical introvert that I am, I could not help myself but to see what this book was all about.

It is now one of my favorite books so much so, that I’ve read it multiple times and I will probably read it again soon.

In the book was a fascinating chapter where he talks about sex transmutation. It was right up my alley considering the circumstances (if you know what I mean).

Trust me when I say… When a relationship is dead, sex becomes obsolete…lol…

Anyways… With everything going on at the time, I was really intrigued with the idea but wasn’t in my right mind so I never finished the book and life went on…

Fast forward through the separation and homelessness, I found myself in a shelter that helped men get on their feet. In the recreation room was a bookshelf full of self help and spiritual books…

Low and behold, staring me right in the face was “Think and grow rich”. I hurried up, grabbed it, and went to my bed… I completely devoured it…lol…

As I’m reading that chapter again, I begin to realize something about myself (and 99% of the men I’ve ever met in my life).

“We as men fight so hard to get out of a woman’s womb, yet we spend the rest of our lives trying to get back in”…

Not only was I addicted to sex, but I was so addicted that I could be controlled, manipulated, or even taken advantage of just because I “needed” it…

So after fully understanding what I was reading, I decided from that day forward, I would not be blinded by sex anymore.

I promised myself that I would put success before sex…

I mean… I have a lot of things to accomplish in life and getting p@$$y aint one of them. I’ve accomplished that many times over…lol…

At the time of writing this, it has been well over 3½ years and counting that I’ve been practicing sex transmutation with a few masturbation slip ups, and the use of other accessories as well such a a vibrating prostate massager which is great for this.

What is Sexual Transmutation

What is Sexual Transmutation?

Sexual transmutation is transmuting sexual energy into other things that’s not the physical expression of sex, masturbation or orgasms.

I refer to it as “Transmuting Sexual Energy Into Productive Energy”…

Sex transmutation can be thought of like a skill. Like learning how to play the piano or guitar, it takes discipline, practice and consistency to master.

When you’re highly creative, you are redirecting the powerful sexual energy source into something more meaningful and valuable in life other than releasing the energy just for the sake of having sex.

You can use that sex energy on cultivating your talents and building a business, painting, writing a book or perfecting a new skill in an area you’re interested in.

Studies show that it takes 10,000 hours or 10 years to master a skill. But that’s just average in my opinion because if you channel sexual energy into being productive you can cut that time in half.

Think of energy as your currency, you keep spending it and spending it without getting any type of return on investment. When you release that energy on sex, the return on investment last only a few minutes.

So would you rather be spending your energy and recouping energy just to “waste” it again? Or would you rather have sustained sufficient energy at a high level that you can channel towards creating anything you desire.

Just having the ability to focus on anything with amazing intensity for days, weeks or months at a time. Or feeling more alive and creative are some of my favorite things about it sex transmutation.

Believe me, I know it can be hard to fight against our natural biological instincts, but the rewards are so much better.

Sex Transmutation Benefits

Sex Transmutation Benefits

One of the biggest sex transmutation benefits is mental clarity…

Have you ever been out with your friends and had too much to drink? Well, you know what it feels like to have a hangover…lol… (That is one thing I don’t miss since I stopped drinking three and a half years ago at the time of writing this).

You wake up with a terrible headache… You feel tired… You have no energy and you just want to flop right back in the bed and recover for the rest of the day.

Even if you manage to make it through the day, most likely you were very unproductive and probably in a bad mood. And working at a stressful job or having people that depend on you makes it even worse because you don’t have the energy.

And trust me… When you’re young, you can recover by the next day. But as you age (when you’re in your thirties), it can take “days” to recover and it aint pretty.

The thing about conventional sex is… It also produces a different type of hangover that last a lot longer yet it can go unnoticed.

The hangover you get from an orgasm clouds your mind and makes it hard for you to think things through, especially when making important decisions.

It’s like a brain fog that you must work your way through before you even start to think about the solution or decision. By the time you get through the brain fog, you don’t have energy left to focus on the outcome.

Energy is your life, life is your only meaningful lasting currency… We’re all playing the game of life… Time is meaningless you don’t have energy to experience the moment you’re in right now.

Have you ever noticed that when you have low energy, you tend to get irritated easily?

That’s one of the worst parts of ejaculation. There’s an arificial spike in hormones called dopamine that affects the brain afterwards.

Studies show that this dopamine spike can last two to three weeks depending on your age, fitness, and other factors which is something to think about.

This creates a withdraw period… During this withdrawal period, you feel anxious and agitated at everything and everyone around you.

You’re most likely to psychologically project your fears, your anger, or dissatisfaction and worries at other people and not even understand why you’re doing it.

Having mental clarity and feeling positive are great benefits with sexual transmutation. Plus, when you project healthy energy towards others, magical things and opportunities start to come in your life.


How To Transmute Sexual Energy

How To Transmute Sexual Energy


How to transmute sexual energy into productive and more meaningful things.

Broaden Your Horizon and Explore Your City

A lot of times we stay in a safe place and fear the unkown. If you’re a single guy, knowing where all of the hot spots to take women on dates is a plus. Also, you may also meet interesting people that you can network with.

Take a Trip Out of Town

Traveling is a great way to explore other cultures. Since it’s hard for me to stay in one place to long, traveling also helps me find new places I would like to live in the future.

Bring People Together

Imagine how socially valuable you’ll become when you can connect people with the same goals in mind. People will thank you for linking them to someone who is an asset to their business. You become the go to guy, you get free invites to big events, and you establish leadership in the process.

Express Your Artistic Side

I love music production, drawing, web design, and almost anything to do with art. Expressing yourself through some type of art form is the ultimate way to be your authentic self. I don’t care if you like painting coffee mugs… There will be someone who’s inspired by your work and who knows, you make sell a few.

There are so many ways you can transmute sexual energy into something that can change lives. Pick something that you love and focus on being the best you can be in that arena!

Harnessing Sexual energy

Harnessing Sexual energy

In this section I want to talk about harnessing sexual energy. This is different from actually transmuting energy as you are “embracing” the energy not diverting it somewhere else.

Let’s Get Naked!

Not with me of course…lol… But by yourslef… This will keep you in touch with your sexual self and gives your body a chance to breath.
This also gives you a chance to love your body and all of it’s uniqueness. If there’s something about your body you would like to improve, this is great motivation to get in the gym and fix it…lol…

Flirt With Random People

Flirting is a way to instantly boost positive energy. Not just for you, but for them as well.
Flirting can boost sexual energy instantly and it can be a great way to build confidence.
So if you see a cute cashier or guy at the gym, compliment them and see where it goes. You’ll be surprised how it can bring someones spirits up if they’re down.

Have You Laughed Lately? 

Laughter is one of the best things you can do. Most people don’t realize laughter creates sexual energy. I know some not so good looking guys that get beautiful women just by being funny…lol…

Channeling Sexual Energy

Channeling Sexual Energy


Ways channeling sexual energy can help you get anything you desire.

Success Visualization

A really kepart to channeling sex energy is by defining what goal you are trying to achieve. Use breating and meditation techniques to channel that energy into a vision.

When you daydream about your goals, ideas start to make their way into your mind. You then take those ideas and focus all your energy into bringing those ideas into reality by tacking “action”

Get Active

The beauty of being active and exercising is that it can increase sexual energy as well. Resistance training naturally increases testosterone.

Nature is an awesome way to enhance sexual energy. Even someting as little as taking a walk can improve creative thinking, increase mental clarity and focus, and lower depression.

Microcosmic Orbit

Zen Masters use microcosmic orbit which basically uses the sexual energy in the genitals and breathing to spread energy throughout your body.

The energy is absorbed through your entire body instead of being released through ejaculation. If you can give up masturbation for a couple months, you’ll feel the sexual energy ready to explode as you talk to random women you find attractive. They’ll feel it as welll…lol..

Sex Transmutation Techniques

3 Sex Transmutation Techniques

1. The act of sex without ejaculation or orgasm

You can increase you focus and sex energy by having sex without an orgasm or ejaculation. Since the energy wasn’t released during intercourse, the energy is at it’s highest state for hours afterwards.

2. Take a two weeks off from sex

Try abstaining from sex or masturbation for two weeks and see how you feel. Observe if you have more energy, focus and drive.

3. Concentrate and contract

There will come a time when you will have sexual thoughts. Focus your mind on your genitals and contract them inwards. This is the Yoni Mudra technique… Meditate and allow the energy to flow throughout your body. Breath in deeply and exhale completely… Contract  your stomach again and repeat a few times.

Check out some of these great books that will help you on your journey!

If you have some techniques you would like me to add to the list, post them below in the comments. Thanks for reading my post about sex transmutation.


10 thoughts on “Sex Transmutation Techniques: How To Transmute Sexual Energy”

  1. how can you avoid testicle pain due to abstinence? It’s been only three days and the pain is unbearable already, I can’t even walk. Please help!

    1. If you learn the techniques of sublimation, you will be able to pull the energy up, so it wont get stuck in your testicles. When you have learned this you can really benefit form the sexual energy.

    2. Hey Alfred,

      You can try warm towel on the area

      Contracting and relaxing your “pee” muscles or PC muscles

      And meditate/visualize the energy moving from your testes up your spine to your brain.

      A great book to read is “Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy” by Mantak Chia

      Hope it goes well

  2. Thank you. I was looking for some materials to make me understand better the practice of sex transmutation. I even gave up sex for some time, and when I was feeling sex impulses I was taking deep breaths, following some yoga directions. Which not helped eventually, but I realize that I can have a wonderful life, concentrating on my favorite activities, with clarity and joy. And not have sex than often. When your minds is clear, it’s easy just to follow your heart with the person you are dating. When you drink alcohol, you tend to follow your instincts, and have sex with a person that might not be considered on a regular basis. I like more the path I am now, and see clearly the nature of a human being.

  3. Hello, one very good exercise before any transmuting are the…5 Tibetan.If you do them will have great benefits.Good luck and patience.

  4. Good info! I enjoy mindfulness meditation – being aware of the moment and thoughts without judgement, then gently shifting my focus to another area. I could stand to do more work on judging my sexual thoughts. Thank you 🙂

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