Shiny Object Syndrome: 10 Ways Stay On Track And Reach Your Goals

Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome: 10 Ways Stay On Track


Shiny object syndrome is likely to happen to most small business owners. If you have just started your business, this “shiny object” seems to tempt you to get off the track. So, what is it, actually?

Shiny object syndrome can be simply defined as the thing that can distract you from your current tasks.

There are tons of interesting ideas out there. And you are interested in those and want to try them.

By doing this, you will go to multiple directions and lose your focus. This condition may cost you much time in less productivity, less effective hours, and loss of money.

Its name comes for a reason. It happens just like a child which get distracted with the new toy. Only at this time, more ideas and offers capture your attention and they make you get distracted from your objectives.

In the long run, you may not be able to focus on your real goals.

You get the new ideas, new strategies, and new techniques. And then BAM, you think of something new that is more promising. Of course, you will get excited because you think you can grow and spread your wings.

The problem is that you don’t realize how many hours and bucks you’ve wasted to pursue that “shiny object”. Plus, you’ll never know whether this new thing gives you a better result or not.

It is understandable not to resist the excitement when finding new ideas that come to your mind. Some of them look very promising, more promising than your current ideas. But you shouldn’t forget that you are running your small business now.

Ask yourself about these:

  • Are the new ideas right for your business?
  • Are your customers interested in these ideas?
  • Is it feasible to execute new ideas?
  • Do you have all the resources you need to make it happen?
  • Have you finished your previous tasks?
  • What should you sacrifice to try something new?

It is not wrong at all with to accept new ideas for growing your business. You just need to wisely choose and weigh all the risks so that you won’t lose focus on your goal.

Here are the tips to stop “shiny object syndrome”


#1 Get An Accountability Partner

Your working partner can be your savior when you are distracted.

Do you still remember that when you were in college, a friend of yours nudged you when you lost focus?

As a student, it was easier to stay on the track if you worked in peers. Basically, the system works pretty much same.

A partner who sits next to you will review what you did and start discussing the issues with you. It also works for your working partner too. One way or another, there’ll be a person to be nudged.

#2 Make A List

As mentioned, it is hard to resist new interesting ideas. It is also almost impossible to ignore the new things.

In order not to get distracted, you can make a list. Jot down all the ideas on a blank paper. Keep the ideas which are prevalent to your goals.

Strikethrough irrelevant ideas and put them on another list. You just want to keep ideas that help you to achieve your goals.

#3 Set the Timer

You can do this every day. Set a specific goal and a timer of each goal on daily basis. For instance, you give 30 minutes time for Goal “A”.

Focus your things to achieve Goal “A” for 30 minutes before you get distracted. After 30 minutes of your effort for Goal “A”, you can spare 5 minutes for your distraction.

You can think whatever shiny object that comes to you. But remember, you only have 5 minutes! Then you need to focus your next 30 minutes for Goal “A” or the next goal.

This “goal” here can be small tasks which are related to your main goal.

#4 Filter Your Social Media Sources

Presuming that you are active on Social media, you are following some influencers in those sites. It is important to re-filter on who you are following.

Focus Besides friends, there are several influences that you think can be resourceful for your business.  They are very interested in following.

You will get new ideas flowing from these accounts. But you can get easily distracted by them. Only focus on channels that are related to your business. Keep the circle small so that you won’t get distracted.

#5 Be Wise in Responding the Trend

If you follow big sites like Mashable, Buzzfeed, etc, you will keep tabs on the latest updates and news. There’ll be types which are hard to resist.

Worse, this hype has been the main resource for many people. Well, don’t buy them. One trending story is not the reason to change your entire business’ vision.

#6 Use Your Brake

When most business owners have tons of new ideas, they just accelerate. On the contrary, you need to use your brake. Take a pause. Don’t let yourself in right away.

Believe it or not, new ideas can wait. Relating to point no.3 we mentioned above, the pause is very important to preserve your energy and motivation. Give yourself time to consider it.

#7 Store Them In A Box

You need to determine the scope of the new ideas. Some ideas might get saturated from time to time. You need to look these for your long-term goals.

Some great ideas might need to get stored in your business box for the future. Meanwhile, you can spend your valuable time working towards your main goals.

When your goals are achieved, you can then unload the box.

#8 Be Rational

Logic can save you many times. When you get tempted with the new ideas, logic can be your best guide.

You know that the logic is you don’t have much time to grab all the new ideas and execute them in a proportional manner.

Logically speaking, some new ideas may hinder the process of achieving your main goals. Be as rational as possible, then you are golden.

#9 Stop Signing Up both Offline and Online Courses

For beginners and startup entrepreneurs, they are a hunger for knowledge. Well, it is not bad at all. You are not wrong when you think that joining a course will lead you to business success.

The bigger question is, how many courses that you need to join before focusing on your main goals?

#10 Spare Your Time for Meditation

Shiny object basically draws you from the present to strive for better future. The problem is not all shiny objects deliver positive energy to you.

Meditation on daily basis will keep you present and aware for the important moment. Sit back and relax in the morning. Enjoy a cup of coffee and breathe slowly.

Realize that at the moment there is something more important to do, your unfinished goals.

If you are building your business, don’t be the victim of shiny object syndrome. Use the tips above to handle the distractions.

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