35 Tell Tale Signs a Woman is Jealous of You

Signs a Woman is Jealous of You

Today we are going to give you the top tell tale signs a woman is jealous of you and why.

People can hate or dislike someone for a number of reasons, good or bad. Sometimes, people will act mean towards another because they might be jealous. Jealousy is a very common trait, especially in women. Feeling jealous or being jealous of is just a part of life.

There are similar words that were often associated with jealousy such as envy, intimidation, and threat. However, some people still do not know the difference between these and they are sometimes used interchangeably.

Jealousy refers to the fear of losing something you already have to a “perceived” opponent. Whereas envy refers to wanting something that one already has.  Both of them are rooted out of fear and insecurity.

Signs a Woman is Jealous of You

When we accomplish things, we often feel good about ourselves… But not all people. There are those who instead of sharing joy and praises, are jealous and don’t want to see you win in life. People who become jealous of you may have an inferiority complex and tries to covet things that others have.

However, the feeling of jealousy is inevitable. Most people feel jealous at times but some are great at hiding it while others are not.

It may not be easy to handle a jealous person in your life right now but we’re going to change that right now. In order to be cautious, here are some tell tale signs you should look for to know if a person is jealous of you:

  1. They imitate you.

A jealous woman may try to imitate you in terms of your relationship, career, clothes, and more. Oscar Wilde pointed out the imitation is the best form of flattery but most of the time, it can be irritating that others try to steal your ideas.

Instead of getting mad, the best thing to do is to help her find their own way. Try your best to teach her how to become “authentic” in order to succeed.

  1. They make fake compliments.

Some jealous woman will try to praise you at all times but the moment you turn your back, they start making negative remarks about you. They will roll their eyes in contempt once you are not around. Try not to stoop down to their level. Be careful of those people who are very nice towards you for no reason.

  1. They depreciate your success.

A jealous woman will try to disrupt your achievements and may do bad things in order to hinder your success. The best thing to do when dealing with this is not to tell or talk to them about it because they will just continue to do so.

Keep it to yourself unless she’s a close friend!… And If your “Friend” is a “Hater”, she’s really not your friend.

  1. They celebrate your mistakes.

If you make even a “tiny piece” of a mistake, a jealous woman will be the first one to become happy and satisfied. They will announce your failures to everyone and may speak harsh words toward you. Your failure becomes their victory.

  1. They are not good friends.

Some people will stick around you if you are successful. But if you fail, they will be the first to run. But this is not the case for jealous women.

A jealous woman will run away when they see that you are becoming successful. The reason for this is because they become insecure and jealous because of your success and improved well-being.

They cannot stand that idea of you standing out and they will hate the spotlight that is being put on you. They will prefer to leave than watch you shine.

  1. You become their greatest rival.

A jealous woman will try to start a competition with you because they want to be better than you in anything that you do. They will do anything that will prove they are more superior.

This type of rivalry is not healthy and they will not resist from using bad tactics to put you down. Be sensitive to people like this. Try to avoid them if possible, as they are not helpful and may become toxic.

  1. They spread rumors.

A jealous woman will try to find dirt on you and expose it to everybody. These type of people are nasty and won’t hesitate to spread rumors about you even if they are not true. The moment that other people believe them is the moment they become happy and satisfied once again.

  1. They are good at fault finding.

When a jealous woman perceives you as an inferior person, they will do their best to ensure that your every move is being monitored and criticized. A tiny mistake for a jealous person is an opportunity for them to become the superior one by pointing out your mistakes.

  1. They dislike you.

Even without doing anything, a jealous person will hate you for no reason at all. When they can’t have success, they will hate you for having it.

  1. They damage your connections.

A jealous woman will try her best to disrupt or damage your circle, especially those who are close to you. They don’t want you to have a solid support system because they would want to destroy you later once they fall. And they will go behind your back to ruin your career, relationships, and even families.

  1. They will eventually show their true colors.

A person who is jealous will never be upfront about their feelings about you. They prefer to display a fake smile and act like you are actually friends with them. They would even praise you even though they do not mean it. But one day, when something big happens in your life, they will crack and show their true feelings.

  1. They will give bad advice.

A jealous person will intentionally give you bad advice in order for you to fail. They will act as if they truly care and will give you bad advice that could ruin you or lead you to even worse decisions and circumstances.

We will revisit more signs later but let’s have a look at the root causes of jealousy in women really quick.

Reasons Why Women Become Jealous in the First Place

Threatened and intimidated are two different things and the difference is fear. When a woman is threatened she may be afraid that one will take something that she has including her best friend, her man, her role in a group, an more.

These feelings are usually from their own insecurities. However, when a beautiful woman enters the room, one can feel intimidation and jealousy.

There are things that make a woman jealous of another woman. Although these may vary from the unique personalities of women, it is important to take in consideration of some common actions or feelings that lead to jealousy.

  1. Insecurity

Insecurity is a mental state that is experienced both men and women. When a woman is insecure, she is not able to see and believe that her boyfriend or husband is truly interested in her. This insecurity will grow especially when she sees her man interacting with other women.

And it will take a very small reaction that will convince the women that he is really seeing someone else. The more insecure a woman is, the more she is likely to become even more jealous.

  1. Neediness

Some woman need a lot of affection and attention. It can be a part of who they really are or may come from deep-rooting insecurity. Some people require more attention than others.

If you give more attention to others, the jealousy can arise. An insecure woman may assume that this will somehow decrease the attention you are giving her compared to others.

  1. Superiority

A woman can become jealous when she feels another woman is superior to her. Whether it is in fashion, looks, fitness, or financial. This insecurity is created from things she feels she may be lacking. When a woman does not feel she is enough or feels secure, then she will continue to feel jealous emotions over time.

  1. Female Friends

Some women become jealous of female friends. Jealousy can be triggered when a woman sees other women being close to her female friends and enjoys a great time with them. Some insecure women will be jealous because of the emotional intimacy that she sees in others.

  1. Trust issues

Some girls are jealous because they have unresolved trust issues. This is often caused by traumatic experiences in the past such as betrayal or failed relationships. Once a woman’s trust is broken, it can be very difficult to get it back.

  1. Lack of information

The feeling of jealousy can come from lack of information. For example, a woman sees a picture of her best friend or boyfriend with some other groups enjoying a great time over a social media network, she may become jealous and will start saying things. This is because her imagination has run wild without facts and pure speculation due to lack of information.

  1. Lacking connection

Women become jealous of their friends who do not spend enough time with them. If they do not spend time with you, the connection will not nurture and they will think you don’t like them as much.

  1. Flaunting

Not all jealousy comes from romantic relationships. Some women will become jealous of their peers if they have greater things and a better perception of life. Sometimes your confidence can be seen as flaunting.

Reasons Why other Women are Jealous of “You”

Aside from those mentioned above, here are some more specific reasons why other women may be jealous of you:

  1. You’re Beautiful

People have their own unique beauty. People of any size or age may become confident or insecure about their appearances. If a woman feels that their appearance is less than the standard set by society, their insecurity towards other people surfaces.

It is very common that she may feel threatened and insecure if you’re more beautiful than her and your presence alone would make her feel inadequate.

  1. You’re Confident

There was a saying that goes like this: “if you have got it, flaunt it”. Some people are born with confidence and have developed self-esteem over time. Under-confident people will feel threatened by another’s level of confidence.

  1. You’re Fashionable

A well-dressed woman can surely make other women jealous. Whether they intentionally dressed for something or it’s just how they dress, insecure people will always look upon them and then they will feel insecure about themselves.

  1. You’re Thin

Large people are often treated differently by others and this is why thin people makes them feel insecure about their weight and size.

  1. Strong Personality

A strong person has a firm belief and boundaries. If a woman has a strong personality, she does not often need the approval of others she interacts with. A woman can become insecure because of this trait.

  1. Being Competitive

A person who views all types of social interaction as competition is someone that will surely intimidate and make other people feel insecure. This type of person often wants to win every game but will eventually lose some friends in the process.

  1. You’re Wealthy

If a woman is wealthy, the more she becomes out-of-touch with “average” type of people. These type of women may own mansions and luxury cars and it would become overwhelming for average ladies to connect with her. Rich women have almost everything and it would make other women feel insecure because of the things that they don’t have.

Actions of a Jealous Woman

Jealousy is one of the normal emotions experienced by almost anyone. A woman becomes jealous over a lot of things. Even though you feel you can trust her, there is a tendency that she will still become jealous. Jealousy makes women do things that they are not even aware of because they are sometimes powerless to stop themselves. Here are some things that women do when they are jealous:

  1. They lie.

Some women are good at concealing their emotions. When a woman is on the verge of jealousy, some may unbelievably get unexpected answers to even simple questions. Women lie when they are jealous of something. It may be over a cool set of makeup, with her partner, or even from the attention they get.

  1. They display mood swings.

A jealous woman can change her mood immediately. Girls are moody in nature but a jealous girl can shift her mood in a matter of seconds without you even realizing it. One moment she is very friendly and acts like as sister to you, then after a couple of seconds, she can become your greatest enemy for life.

  1. A jealous woman will ask a friend to stalk for her.

In most cases, jealous women often ask for help when she wants to stalk someone without the other even knowing it. Most women do this when they want to check whom their friends or partner is hanging out with, or stalk people they hate the most.

Doing this will enable them to find out things about other people and use them as a window of opportunity to spread rumors and stories which can be true or not. In addition, some women often create dummy accounts on social media in order to stalk other friends’ social media accounts.

  1. Ignoring

Another sign of a jealous woman is when she starts ignoring you for no reason. Especially if you are to become successful, they will ignore you because they hate the fact you are successful and they are not.

  1. Pretending to be busy

Some women pretend to be busy when they are jealous because they do not want to be ignored. In some cases, a jealous woman will try to pretend to be busy on her phone or social media account when she feels she’s being left out.

Other women also try to pretend that they don’t care about things but deep inside there is a deep-rooted resentment and jealousy of others.

  1. Clingy

Some women become clingy when they are jealous. This applies both to friends and partners. Jealous women are territorial and do not want other women wandering around their best friend or boyfriend.

  1. Hot Selfies

Some women who are jealous tend to post hot photos in their social media accounts in order to compete with other women who make them feel jealous. They do this because they want to look better than others. The more likes they get, the more they think that they are better and superior among others.

  1. Negative comments

When a woman is jealous of other women, they tend to make negative stories about the latter and would dig up dirt on her. A woman who hates other woman relies on spreading negative feedback in order to keep themselves at a greater position in terms of reputation.

  1. Sarcasm

Girls who are jealous often use sarcastic phrases when they talk to other people especially for things they are jealous about.

Jealous Woman Traits

When people become successful in life, it attracts both pure admiration and jealousy. The feeling of being jealous is inherent in every human aspect. Some would say that jealousy is a snake in the grass that it hides that it becomes so difficult to detect.

However, no matter what the reasons behind it are, people who are jealous possesses similar traits and do similar activities. Below are some of the traits you can detect when a woman is jealous of you:

  1. In denial

One trait that most jealous women possess is that they let others know that they are not jealous of you when in fact they are. They give insincere praises and false compliments. When good things happen to you, they act like they are supporting you but deep inside they hate it and they do not mean it.

  1. Downplaying

The worst thing that a jealous woman hates it when they see that their object of jealousy is achieving success. They try to downplay your achievement by associating your success with other things. For example, you have been promoted because of your looks and not your skills.

A jealous woman will not admit you’re are talented and instead, they would say things such as you were promoted because you were close to the manager and the like. They refuse to admit that you are better than them.

  1. Very competitive

It is in the very nature of a jealous woman that they want to become better than others. So they try to be competitive as they could in terms of everything, especially in the workplace. They would try to exert so much unnecessary effort just to prove that they are better.

  1. Gossiper

A jealous woman will always say good things when you are around but will talk negative things behind your back.

  1. They humiliate others.

Most jealous women will find a way to criticize you by humiliating you in front of others. By doing this, they are able to establish a standing of being superior and secondly, they are able to reduce your credibility by doing this in front of other people.

  1. They flaunt their little success.

Jealous women will try to make themselves better by overemphasizing their little success and achievements compared to yours which are actually greater.

Some studies have also linked several traits to jealousy such as:

– Low self-esteem


This refers to a tendency to become moody or emotionally unstable.

– Insecurity and possessiveness

– Dependence

– Feeling of inadequacy

This generally refers to the feeling of being not good enough. Jealous people will feel that they are not good enough especially in cases when being compared to. This also applies to possession of materials things, relationships, and achievements over career.

– Anxiety

People may become jealous because of social anxiety. In today’s generation, trends and standards are being overly exaggerated, and people who are not able to meet such status becomes anxious and jealous of others who have. 


Jealousy and envy are two different things. They often go together and are used interchangeably. Sometimes, the feeling of envy can lead down the road of jealousy. However, it is jealousy that leaves people lacking and it is jealousy that keeps them feeling insecure, judgmental and disconnected.

Jealousy is a harmful trait to a relationship, whether it is friendship, family ties, or a romantic setting. Handling a jealous person can be difficult but it is not impossible. Just remember that this jealousy comes from insecure and lack of confidence.

You may opt to continue interacting or not with a jealous and toxic woman. You also have the option on how to respond to these types of women. You may not be able to control how others feel about you, but you can always have the choice on how to respond to them, treat people and interact based on how you feel.

11 thoughts on “35 Tell Tale Signs a Woman is Jealous of You”

  1. When I became engaged everyone was happy for me except my friend she was so jealous of my engagement ring she kept saying the diamond looks fake did you get it apraisedare are sure the diamond is rea

  2. This article was good exec for the fact I’m a big girl and most skinny women are jealous of me. Also I’m in my 40’s and for what ever reason not just my peers are jealous but so are the young women. True I’m unapologetically content with myself and I love to look and smell good, but my entire life has been full of women just trying to fight with me for no reason. At one point my running joke was up it’s my fault cuz I smiled!
    With this said I feel like a lot of women are just jealous size don’t mean squat neither does age. The point is a lot of women see other women as competitors and here in lay the problem

    1. lorraine roberts

      Honey you are on an ego trip. It is all in your overblown head. Wake up call- the whole world does not evolve only about you.

    2. It’s sad but you are right P. Few women who are secure know how to be their own rock and be happy within themselves. They know how to praise others for the hard work they have done bc they validate themselves. Others only put them down. The most beautiful women I’ve met have been the most jealous type. My heart goes out to them bc I don’t know if their father killed their self-esteem or tore them down or what? It’s just sad, so sad. We have enough issues in life and there are men that put us down daily (not all but most) and make us compete against each other. Adding to that fire is worst because we’re helping them create chaos between each other. It’s a never ending game and women lose. To think that if women came together HOLY we would run the world.

  3. Thank you for this article. I have been treated poorly my whole life by so called bff’s, cousins, school mates, step-mothers, and finally my very own mother. I am over 50 and still not treated well by friends from high school & college. I feel we are all too old for this yet it still occurs. I try to be a good girlfriend but more often than not, it is hard to maintain close friendships with women. I’ve often wondered why this has been my reality and reasons #1 & #4 which you spell out, pertain to me (so I’ve been told.) The way they are clearly explained here make me feel more empowered. I realize it’s the really their issue, I am not flaunting anything. I never flaunted anything when I was young either. In my generation it was best to be modest but it made it easy for jealous women to be bullies. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Erica, I feel the same why, when young my cousins and family members ignored me, my sister truly hated me growing up, she would skip taking a bus with me just to not see me, she was so jealous of me but later on I found out her ex boyfriend became my friend and he always said my family was messed up. I really grew up being isolated, I am 50 never married and my son loves me to death and always supportive, I heard comments over the years, like why the fuck are you single, she has money, what is the issue as to why she cannot find love, your pictures are too sexy…I met girls at a party one night and the next thing you know one unfriended me on facebook for no valid reason, when she saw me that night, she never spoke to me and that whole group had money issues, they were hardly working at good jobs, they look out of shape and they all had money issues, I gave them gifts for xmas and not one turned around and thanked me, I was in a relationship 5 years plus and he cheated on me. My son father when I lived with him, he never helped out and then he never gave me one dime to help with my son but still after 20 years he resents me and always hated me. My parents stop in yesterday and they say we are only here for 5 minutes like peeping toms, just stop in to know and be curious, its so rude and unwelcomed, like you feel abandoned by them all the time. It is so hard to feel alive. I have not gone out of the house since before xmas, I just lock myself in.

  4. Emma Sevilla


    Ty sooooo much ! 😄
    This & the comments were really beneficial . I truly appreciate the clarity and depth of this topic and the variety of perceptions involved .

    Keep up the great work 👍

  5. I know the signs. But sometimes it takes reading the words by another hand to truly weigh the situation. My best friend never congratulated me on my new business and hasn’t asked how it is doing once since. Now I’ve met another younger woman I may have considered a friend. Maturity is definitely an issue. But slowly she is showing signs of the same type of envy. I would have considered her a very close friend. But she has started to become spiteful, mean and very openly becoming more and more difficult to hide her disdain when I am right, when I am asked about a new business I am opening. She even called my shoes with full confidence “knock offs” and was wrong. It wasn’t even the point that she called a pair of shoes she couldn’t even adequately identify clearly showing she doesn’t own nor can afford to buy, but that she attempted to embarrass me and ended up embarrassing herself, showed there was no length she wouldn’t go to discredit me. I realized, though such a trivial situation that this person is really insecure and negative. My blessing really. I couldn’t imagine having found this out after 12 years, like I did with my best friend.

    Good to read the words to validate or confirm my mind set.

  6. TY this is so true. I am now a widow but a young-looking one (unfortunately) tall with long legs even though I’m 60! And am constantly being abused by two female neighbours who actually think I MUST be after their husbands, (you’ve got to be kidding!) and have shouted out that must be a prostitute. So through this article I’ve learnt that I dont have to feel ashamed bad or anything like that, its THEIR actual problem and shows how fearful, immature and insecure they really are, imagine how much rubbish they must pile onto husbands at home. I really dont care what they think coz they dont really know me, and I dont want to know them closely. Thank you so much for this, as I can feel good about myself and live my life with such horrible people, and only hang out with nice decent people anyway.

  7. Everything is true but I can’t agree with the anxiety part anyone can catch that that person can be shy at the most.u also basically using a extrovert person and basically saying a person who is a people person who intervene with the crowd more is a object of jealousy not true I’m a introvert and I don’t like attention at all my cousins are extroverted and I’m not jealous at them I’m more of a introvert which can make me mad if anyone invade my space that does not make me jealous of no woman who’s the life of the party are just socializing period.I use my energy for useful things wether if it’s networking are talking to people I only know.I’m comfortable around people I mostly know so if a woman thinking cause I’m not talking to her cause I’m jealous then that will say a lot about her character it’s called a huge ego if I don’t know u I most certainly want spark up the convo first no matter who u are.and sarcasm a person who’s sarcastic doesn’t make them a jealous person sometimes that person they come in contact with could be a complete idiot are jerk different levels to being sarcastic.

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