So I’m a Sophophile

So I’m a sophophile, a lover of wisdom… Some even say they I get sexual gratification from learning, which is better know as “sophophilia”.

Now the idea of being sexually stimulated from knowledge is quit interesting considering I practice sex transmutation where I transmute sexual energy into productive energy.

Okay, I admit… I’m an Aquarius, “INTJ”, introverted MASTERMIND… Yea I said it…

At the moment I’m reading three physical books and four ebooks. Then you add on various blog posts and YouTube videos I watch daily and you’d think my head would explode…lol…

Oh did I mention I’m a serial entrepreneur who thinks of an idea, builds a website, and have it up and running within hours… (I have too many to remember at the moment)

I have an obsession with reading, thinking and creating. But the catch is… I control my own thoughts, so I think on purpose, but I can slip into NO-MIND in an instant.

The Curse of a Lifelong Learner

The issue with being a sophophile is of course dating…

Most of the women I meet either say I intimidate them or they just flat out give up after a week or so. Not to mention I have a tattoo that reads: “I value my TIME… So if I’m going to spend it with someone, I have to make sure she’s worth every DIME I lost, that I could have made by utilizing my time productively”.

I meant every word of that to the point I went three and a half years without sex to focus on creating anything I desired.

Anywho… The thing is… All it takes is one word to send me down a rabbit hole for an entire weekend learning new things.

I love practical knowledge, things that I can apply, test, and use to create my life-designs. On one hand, its a good thing. But on the other… Well, it’s still a good thing in my eyes…lol…

Being a sophophile or a lover of wisdom is amazing… Without it, I don’t know where I would be.

Your Thoughts?

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