Sophophile: The Curse of a Lifelong Learner


So I’m a Sophophile

So I’m a sophophile, a lover of wisdom… Some even say they I get sexual gratification from learning, which is better know as “sophophilia”.

Now the idea of being sexually stimulated from knowledge is quit interesting considering I practice sex transmutation where I transmute sexual energy into productive energy.

Okay, I admit… I’m an Aquarius, “INTJ”, introverted MASTERMIND… Yea I said it…

At the moment I’m reading three physical books and four ebooks. Then you add on various blog posts and YouTube videos I watch daily and you’d think my head would explode…lol…

Oh did I mention I’m a serial entrepreneur who thinks of an idea, builds a website, and have it up and running within hours… (I have too many to remember at the moment)

I have an obsession with reading, thinking and creating. But the catch is… I control my own thoughts, so I think on purpose, but I can slip into NO-MIND in an instant.

The Curse of a Lifelong Learner

The issue with being a sophophile is of course dating…

Most of the women I meet either say I intimidate them or they just flat out give up after a week or so. Not to mention I have a tattoo that reads: “I value my TIME… So if I’m going to spend it with someone, I have to make sure she’s worth every DIME I lost, that I could have made by utilizing my time productively”.

I meant every word of that to the point I went three and a half years without sex to focus on creating anything I desired.

Anywho… The thing is… All it takes is one word to send me down a rabbit hole for an entire weekend learning new things.

I love practical knowledge, things that I can apply, test, and use to create my life-designs. On one hand, its a good thing. But on the other… Well, it’s still a good thing in my eyes…lol…

Being a sophophile or a lover of wisdom is amazing… Without it, I don’t know where I would be.

Your Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Sophophile: The Curse of a Lifelong Learner

  1. Kartik says:

    Helli there….i think being a sophophile is gud nd it will worth in in the end..Being a sophophile urges to abandon the Shits nd normal life..Best thing is wr use our time productively nd Its a prudent desicion for one who want to acheive his/her goal by being a sophophile…I m very inspired by your blog…..Thankx for inspiring me..i m practicing the same
    …Regards kartik.?

    • Negar says:

      Wow, for years and years I was comparing my self with the one’s who have mental illnesses and I was wondering what was wrong with me, and I never thought that the answer would be among the list if paraphilias. I totally understand you, we doomed to be single forever, and if our brains don’t have anything to struggle with, we would become crazy and out of control.thanks for the article😍😏

  2. Robert Mileage says:

    Thank you for the awesome article. I thought something was wrong with me because I live in the rabbit hole. But that rabbit hole has led me to become a John c.maxwell certified consultant. That rabbit hole can make communication with non readers challenging because you spend your life learning complex issues that plague corporate America and that want you to resolve lifetime problems in a 15 minute Ted talk . Thank you for freeing me.

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