15 Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

In this post, things girls do that guys hateThe battle of the sexes is a waltz that will continue so long as humanity endures. We can’t live with each other and can’t live without each other.

That is why every now and then it’s healthy to call each other on all the things that piss us off. It is for that reason I’ve compiled a list of the things girls do that guys hate. The real list is infinite, but I’ve narrowed it down to 15. You’re welcome.

15 Things Girls Do that Guys Hate

1: The toilet seat thing: Let’s get the most clichéd one out of the way real quick. Every time I hear a woman complain about a guy not putting the toilet seat down it makes me cringe. I for one believe in equality between the sexes. How about we both just look before we leap and adjust accordingly.

2: Nagging: Ladies, you know nagging is annoying. I like to believe that you don’t actually know you’re nagging and that you are legitimately trying to be helpful, if a little too proactive. But it is the very definition of annoying. Why is it so annoying?

I firmly believe that biggest reason it bothers men so much is because you aren’t telling them anything they don’t already know. We know our rooms are dirty, we know we need a job; we know we drink too much.

You shining a spotlight on it won’t do anybody any favors. Then there’s the nagging about lack of intimacy or affection.

A couple problems there…

1. Clinginess and insecurity are bad looks for everyone and are best avoided. More importantly 2. If you legitimately feel a lack of intimacy or affection nagging isn’t going to help with that, it’s going to make an already and probably underlying problem that much worse. Nagging serves no purpose. Stop doing it. Please.

3: Passive-aggressiveness: How have two words with seemingly innocuous meanings wrought so much strife between men and women as the words ‘fine’ and ‘whatever.’

When was the last time the word fine actually meant fine in the context of a girl’s state of mind? Has it ever? I understand that women don’t always want a guy to try and solve whatever the problem is.

But ladies; pretending there isn’t a problem is both insulting and unproductive. In fact, pretending isn’t even the right word. You act like your pissed and say that you aren’t. Why? I don’t get it.

4: Checking phones: Yes there’s a lock on my phone. No you can’t have the password. The problem isn’t that I have something to hide. The problem is that you think I do, whether I do or not.

That lack of trust does a disservice to both of us. This applies to phones, e-mail, and internet history. I give you some props if you have the decency to at least ask. But doing it on the sneak is shady behavior that I and most other men can’t stand.

5: Going for the jugular/low blows: Let me set the scene. You and your significant other are arguing about something, doesn’t matter what, it’s probably petty. You’ve both exhausted your legitimate points and are now just repeating yourselves.

Out of nowhere one of you says “Everybody told me you weren’t shit.” Now when you read that who did you imagine saying it? Before you’re tempted to lie we all know that that kind of emotional flaying came from a woman. Men hate how women will take things to that next level.

They even go so far as to say things they don’t even believe just to hurt a guy. Guys hate it, not because it is super effective (which it is) but because it usually doesn’t have anything to do with the disagreement at hand, and is usually used as a nuclear option as opposed to just admitting they were wrong. This leads me to the other, far worse nuclear option.

6: Crying/Pretending to cry: I’m not the first to call it emotional extortion and I won’t be the last, because that is exactly what it is. It’s a childish tactic and the fact that it works pretty much every time is a sore spot to our species. Crying is an attempt to automatically vilify the man regardless of how justified his position may be.

7: Faux Feminism: If you haven’t been offended by anything I’ve said heretofore, the wait is probably over. Most of my complaints thus far have been under the context of a romantic relationship with a girl. This complaint is levied against womankind as a whole.

We need to have an honest talk about feminism. Feminism should be the natural order of things. Not what you thought I was going to say? Just wait… The equality of men and women should not be seen as a threat to men, but as an aide.

I love the idea of feminism. What a lot of women these days prescribe to is not feminism. The goal of achieving and maintaining equality has morphed into policing society for perceived misogyny. It is not misogyny to say that men and women are different, its biological fact. Finding a woman attractive is not misogyny, politely and appropriately making that attraction known is not misogyny.

Male privilege is absolutely a thing. But let’s have honest conversations about it instead of vilifying one side to champion the other. The pay gap for instance; there is a quantifiable discrepancy between the pay of men and the pay of women.

However, this gap does not come from Mark getting paid $.75 on the dollar more than Mary day one for the same job. It comes from the fact that if Mary happens to have a kid, she is off for a few months that Mark is not.

Then when she does come back she has to go home and 4pm to relieve the babysitter or pick up the kid from school or whatever, whereas Mark can stay and put in those extra hours. Mark gets promoted faster. Mark earns more money than Mary. It’s a complicated issue with no quick fair solution.

Should Mary make as much as Mark is if she isn’t doing as much work, regardless of circumstances? On a less heavy note, if a guy offers to carry something for you, he may not be lording his superiority over you. He might just be trying to help.

8: Denying Sex drive: For the few of you ladies still reading and not vigorously searching for my personal information… Men hate when women pretend they aren’t as horny as we are. We know it’s a tool of manipulation, but it’s not fooling anyone. Ladies like to fool around just as much as men and the myth that they don’t, has no place in modern society.

9: Not having our backs: Whether it’s friends or family, when they start piling on and your girl just sits there, maybe looking uncomfortable, or worst of all joining in. We know good and well we can’t retaliate without looking like a jackass so we are depending on you to come to our aide. When you don’t it’s like a betrayal and makes us question why we are with you in the first place.

10: Too much makeup: This may seem like a shallow gripe about appearance, and…I mean…it is… But it is also a gripe about what all that makeup is indicative of.

Men aren’t stupid. We know you don’t roll out of bed looking flawless like we do. There is a certain standard of beauty that society expects you to live up to. I’ve personally never been in the camp that doesn’t find a t-shirt and sweatpants sexy. But again, it’s not about me, it’s about you.

If caking on so much makeup that you look like a clown is the look you’re going for, by all means, do you. But if you are trying to cover up what you really look like because you don’t think it’s good enough, that’s some deep personal stuff that you should probably address.

As previously stated, insecurities are unattractive. And before you say, it’s not a girl’s responsibility to be attractive, I’d be compelled to ask; Why all the makeup then?

11: Pretending to be less: This may or may not be a personal thing, but hell, I’m making this list. Girls, Ladies, Women, please don’t you dare act less intelligent, less assertive, less you to please a man. For one thing it’s super insulting.

You think I would be less attracted to you because you’re smarter than me!? It’s possible you’re interested in the wrong kind of dudes. For another thing, what’s the point?

Nobody wants to get hustled. We all act like the best version of ourselves early on to ensnare our significant others. If things work out it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out anyway. Don’t let anybody dim your shine, especially not you yourself.

12: Treat you like the center of their universe: This is probably another personal one, but most secure guys don’t like it when it seems like their girl doesn’t have anything else going on except them. We don’t want sycophants, we want partners, queens.

We want to share the world with you, not be all there is to it for you. It’s unhealthy for you and it’s way too much pressure for us. We’re still gonna hate your friends though…

13: Assuming interest: Dear women, perhaps especially attractive women, but all women to keep my bases covered: Every man who speaks to you is not hitting on you! If I say excuse me, I don’t have an engagement ring in my pocket with your name on it. Men hate how the slightest interaction is considered a declaration of affection.

It can get so out of hand that benign conversation can be misinterpreted as sexual harassment, messing up the work place for everyone. I’m not defending people who are obviously guilty of sexual harassment, the ass grabbers, the finger lickers, the dudes who say things clearly over the line.

I’m talking about the guy who politely smiles and says good morning. The guy that might ask how your weekend was to fill the silence, though he probably doesn’t actually care. Please ladies, if you fall into this category I have to politely ask you to get over yourselves.

14: Kiss and tell: This is hypocritical and I fully acknowledge that. Men hate when you tell your friends sexual things about them. You could be saying only positive things, (which probably isn’t the case) but still it’s like trading secrets to the Russians during the cold war.

As we’ve previously established, your man and your friends are enemies and all it would take to blow up your relationship is a piece of ammo that she got from you.

Honestly, it’s not just sexual stuff. Men would prefer that you didn’t talk about them to your friends at all. Yes, we are going to talk about you to our friends, but this isn’t the list of things girls do that men fairly hate, is it? Don’t spill the beans.

15: Oversensitivity: In most cases when someone asks me what I meant by something, the answer can be found in exactly what it was I said. When I say ok, it means ok. So it bugs the crap out of me when you ask, “What do I mean by ok?” What else could I mean by ok? It’s a confirmation in the affirmative.

Men hate it when women are oversensitive about things. Crying about Marley and Me, understandable. Crying about a Skittles commercial, gives me a bit of pause. I’m not trying to minimize your feelings, often times you have no control over it. I’m just letting you know that guys find it either hilarious or annoying.

Lists like these probably won’t change anything in the grand scheme of things. If it is within your power and or inclination to adjust some of the more egregious behaviors, it probably wouldn’t hurt your love life. In the immortal words of Rodney King (concerning much more serious circumstances) “Can’t we all just get along?”

Nah, didn’t think so…

Post your comments below and don’t forget to share… Thanks for reading things girls do that guys hate

2 thoughts on “15 Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

  1. Ruth Warwick-Birkett says:

    You are right about so many things but u also fail to mention that some insecurities that women have or some if their screwed up behaviour is due to/caused by the men they are with!!!! Cheating, lying, only thinking of themselves, all these things cause a woman to act differently and try to protect herself! The fact that u cant see it and dont even acknowledge this just shows how selfish and one sided and biased you are. Its not all about men u know. And if women didnt take those few months out to carry and give birth to a child and then nurture it, u wouldnt be here, I wouldnt be here and the human family will die out!!! So just like u want women to have ur backs…..maybe you should have theirs too! And commend them for doing it all!! If I were to write a list of things women hate about men I would get writers cramp!!! U have issues too cause you clearly feel a little inferior to women. Get over it, thats ur issue to deal with. Take a real good look in the mirror sometime. To finish, thanks for some of the info, some of it was helpful. Just try to remember….women have feelings too, sometimes their not so great reaction is just that…its an action triggered by something their man has said or done and is simply a bad reaction to a mans crappy action. And im not looking for ur personal details lol these words are just ur opinion…no one said that your right. Your entitled to ur opinion as are we all. x

    • Julius says:

      You’re right, if women didn’t give birth, we wouldn’t be here… But wait, do women impregnate themselves? Hmm… Also, as far as “your” list for things that women hate about men… I already beat you to it… https://www.imperialmindset.com/things-guys-do-that-girls-hate/ Please feel free to add to that list as well… I try to keep things fair… Finally, as far as me “feeling” inferior to women, you obviously haven’t read enough of my content. Enjoy your weekend and keep a “positive” mental attitude towards life.

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